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We are now in France for our next trip, we are going to call this the Corbin Voyage in honor of the name of the Societe Civile we set up in France which allows us to own our RV over here.  

I have also added an update of the process to register and insure the motorhome here.

We are now the proud owners of a Knaus 550 motorhome.  We completed our purchase of the Knaus after spending 25 days earlier in the year traveling in one thru France.  The purchase from Eurocampingcars.com has gone very smoothly and we are pleased with how things are going.  Their website is full of the details on how to go about purchasing an RV for Europe, and if you are at all interested I would highly recommend you speak to them.  We will be spending most of the summer home as we sort out the paper work to get the vehicle registered in France.  When the process is complete we will provide a write up for those who may be interested.

We apologize for the delay, but we have just completed our photo album of the trip to France.  It is here, Travels avec François.Travels avec François, France 2018.


François parked on the Costa Brava in Spain.

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