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Our first trip of the year is completed.  There was a little delay getting it published due to technical issues.  But here it is now


Scout on the way to Las Vegas.

2018 has wrapped up and it was a busy and eventful one for us.We visited Europe twice for a total of about 10 weeks and decided to purchase François the motorhome.  

We have arranged our archives by Country, and state/region so if you want to see our experiences from the past we hope this will help.

At this time we are planning our trips for 2019.  These include a winter trip to the Southwest US, a spring trip to Germany and Belgium, and a fall trip to Italy.  Check in later to see how these turned out. 

Our Motorhomes

We now have two motorhomes.  Our original plan was to use our Provan Tiger (www.tigervehicles.com)to travel around the US and then the world.  The first destination we picked outside the US was Europe.  After some research we decided instead to purchase a Knaus 550 from Euro Camping Cars (www.eurocampingcars.com)in Veron France. For our experience with our Tiger click here. For our experience purchasing and using our Knaus click here.


One of the things we enjoy about other travel blogs is the ability to see where other people have gone and enjoyed themselves.  We have recently went thru and organized our old posts so that you can see where we have been and what we did.  Click HERE to go to our archives. 

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