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We have been off line a couple of days visiting Munich and dodging floods.  Check our our newest posts, Garmisch to Munich, Munich, and Munich to Garmisch.

Whats New

After 3 months at home it is time for us to be off to Europe.  Our target countries for this trip are Belgium and Germany, but we will see how we do.  This will be our longest trip yet to Europe, and we are excited to see how it goes.  


We are looking forward to reuniting with François to continue the adventures in Europe. 

Our Motorhomes

We now have two motorhomes.  Our original plan was to use our Provan Tiger (www.tigervehicles.com)to travel around the US and then the world.  The first destination we picked outside the US was Europe.  After some research we decided instead to purchase a Knaus 550 from Euro Camping Cars (www.eurocampingcars.com)in Veron France. For our experience with our Tiger click here. For our experience purchasing and using our Knaus click here.


One of the things we enjoy about other travel blogs is the ability to see where other people have gone and enjoyed themselves.  We have recently went thru and organized our old posts so that you can see where we have been and what we did.  Click HERE to go to our archives. 

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