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January 29, Portland OR

First trip of the year is behind us and we had a great trip. The trip was a total of 3654 miles over 15 days. We had about the worst mileage we have had on a trip at 13.9 mpg. Not sure what to attribute the drop of in mileage to, except more low speed back country driving and more city driving.

The highlites for the trip for me were Anza-Borrega Park which was a first for us. We spent more time in Death Valley and there is quite a lot to see. The Racetrack was a highlite and a lowlite. The valley that the playa was in was beautiful and the Racetrack was very interesting, the road to get there however was brutal.

We had two issues with the truck, the blown tire, that may have been attributed to the beating the day before on the playa, we were planning on new tires this summer, so ultimately we just ended up getting them sooner without the luxury to shop for price. The other problem was with our webasto heater. We have been having problems intermitently with it since taking delivery, after this trip Mark decided that we needed to change out the heater under warranty. While the webasto has been finicky from the begining, Mark and the folks from webasto have been very conscientious in trying to solve it. After this trip they agreed it needed to be changed out. travelin tiger 2013