Travelin Tiger Archive

May 23, Portland OR

An easy day after yesterdays craziness. Drove home and arrived around 2 PM. Trip was just over 3000 miles. One trouble with the truck and a leak in the Webasto limited us more than we would have liked. Becasue of the issues we had to scratch a couple of places we wanted to visit. The mud and snow caused Overland Expo to be a bit of a bust as I think we would have gotten a lot out of meeting people and talking thru things, but everyone was kind of hunkered down because of the weather.

I guess no one ever said it would be easy.

May 22, LaGrande OR

Ron got firehorse disease and since the purpose of the trip was to get home we put the pedal to the metal and drove almost 11 hours and 750 miles later were in LaGrande.

May 21, Beaver UT

The plan for today was to visit Bryce Canyon NP. We were lucky as we got the last reserved spot in the campground. However, as soon as we got on the road a check engine light and a message that the diesal exhaust system was malfunctioning came on. Luckily we were in Flagstaff and were able to go straight to the Chevy dealer in town. The probem was a bad heating unit in the diesal exhaust system. They had the part in stock, but it would be 2pm before they could finish the repair.

So instead of going to Bryce we decided to spend some time in downtown Flagstaff and start the trip home. So we cancelled our campsite at the park and decided to drive until about dark. That is how we ended up in a nice KOA campground in Beaver UT.

May 20, Sedona AZ

Today was spent exploring some more around Sedona. This time we did some drives out into the Red Rock Country. Besides spending some time taking pictures of red rocks we drove out to an ancient Sinagua Indian site. Unfortunately we arrived just as they were closing and were only able to catch the end of the petroglyph tour. The short tour was fascinating and the Ranger from the Forest Service was knowledgeable.


We also visited Red Rock State Park. We joined onto a tour that was in progress and it was ok. Our impression of Arizona State Parks is that they are quite expensive and a little underwhelming given the cost. I think we are spoiled with the Oregon State Park System that is relatively well funded by the State.

May 19, Signal AZ

Dang mentioned that she wanted to see Saguaro cactuses. Ton and I were trying to figure out the best way to make that happen when we mentioned it to a couple of older gentlemen in the lobby they recommended we head to Signal Rd, near Wikeup AZ. It was a bit farther than Ron wanted to drive but they were very enthusiastic.


While the drive was long it was worth it. Signal road was a well maintained dirt road with tons of Yucca and Saguaro cactuses. Dang and Ton were really happy yelling stop every mile or so to shoot some more pictures of cactuses. Ton was able to show off the cactus identification skills she has honed in the last year. The cactus were flowering after the rain so she was very happy.


May 18, Sedona AZ

We decided to stay in the Flagstaff area for a few days as Dang has never seen the area and the Air Force recreation center is an incredible bargain. Today we ran down Oak Canyon to Sedona. Sedona was really bustling compared to the last time we had visited. It is still a nice setting but seems to be getting more and more commercial. We got our fill after a few hours and headed back towards Flagstaff. We stopped at Slide Rock State Park. It is an interesting stretch of river (creek) with a natural waterslide for about 100 yards. It was not getting much use as the water in the creek was 58 degrees. Just as we were leaving about 100 middle schoolers arrived and put the slide to use.


May 17, Mormon Lake AZ

The weather finally broke a bit for Overland Expo. Ton and Dang were finally able to join Ron see some of the classes and look at more of the gadgets. Mark from Tiger was not using his tickets to the final buffet so he offered them to us. We joined some other Tiger owners and ex-owners the Cooks, Howes, and Blackwells. Unfortunately we were not able to spend enough time with all of them, but we really enjoyed the time we did have.

May 16, Mormon Lake AZ to Flagstaff AZ

Woke up to no snow so Ton and Dang were trying to come up with a strategy to get in without trashing there hiking shoes. When Ron stepped outside in his already trashed boots he realized the vehicles moviing around and people walking had turned the ground into mush.


We decided to bail out of there while the getting was good. It was quite a drive out it was the first time we used 4WD low and it was touch and go for a moment. By the time we covered the 1/4 mile to the paved road the truck was completely covered in mud. After attending a couple of talks and walking around in the less muddy expo area we headed to Flagstaff. The first order of day was to knock some of the mud off the truck. After about $40 in the coin slot we managed to knock about 200lbs of mud of the truck. And headed in for the night.

May 15, Las Vegas to Mormon Lake AZ

We decided to attend the Overland Expo as it was close to our first stop at Sedona. We signed up for two nights there. When we arrived it was 37 degrees and fluttying and had rained all day. Not weather you expect in Arizona this time of year, particularly the rain. The rainfall for the day tripled the previous record that had been set in 1953. The parking area was a giant mud hole and the walk in resulted in mud covered boots. Ton and Dang decided they would wait until tomorrow to partake in the expo and hunkered down with some wine and enjoyed TV. Ron went in to see some of the other Tiger owners and to talk to Mark from Provan. Looks like the weather is going to make this quite interesting as it is supposed to snow 2” tonight.

May 14, Las Vegas Red Rock National Conservation Area

We visited the Red Rock National Conservation Area outside of Vegas today. It is run by the Bureau of Land Management. The conservation area is just outside of the city and was quite busy. The visitors center was quite well done. Showing both the land and native plants and animals in a very interesting and engaging way. We did the loop and it was quite beautiful and exceeded our expectations.

We met Alex for dinner at a casino that Ton declared the worst buffet in history. The good news was due to teacher appreciation week Alex’s buffet was free.. After dinner Ton, Alex, and Dang went to the strip to do some tourist stuff and Ron took Scout back to the park to do some maintenance.


May 13, Reno NV to Las Vegas NV

Another travel day. We arrived in Las Vegas and met our son to collect Rons wallet. We split up for a while, Ton, Dang, and Alex went to do some tourist stuff while Ron checked into the campground at Nellis Air Force Base. We met up at a famous Thai restaurant in Las Vegas with lots of photos of famous people. It was overrated, we can think of 4 or 5 Thai places in Portland that were better.

After dinner Ron, Ton and Dang went to the airforce base to sleep. When we got there there was a 100% ID check. When Ron went to get Dang a visitors pass (normally a routine procedure) we found out that all of the bases were on a hightend state of alert and they would not give Dang a visitors pass. This was a problem as we had already checked in and paid for two nights. Standing in the parking lot outside the security we were using our phone to look up places to go when two of the Airmen came out and said they new that this was unusual so they would let us stay on base for the night.

May 12, Portland OR to Reno NV

Work and some other complications have kept us off the road for a while. We are heading south to Flagstaff AZ to attend Overland Expo and visit Sedona. Our good friend Dang is here from Thailand so we are going to test the three person capacity of Scout. Nothing much to report today except that about 4 hours into the trip Ron realized he left his wallet sitting on the kitchen table. We contacted our good friend Pom and she is going to send it overnight to our son in Las Vegas. Thank god for overnight packages. travelin tiger 2013