Travelin Tiger Archive

August 30 Anchorage AK to Denali AK

After a lot of debate we decided to backtrack to Denali for a couple of days. The weather was supposed to be good, meaning not raining. When we woke up this morning it was not raining and there was a little blue in the sky, but as we drove towards Denali we first encountered fog, and for the last 100 miles heavy rain.


Ron was a little down about the rain, but as we pulled into the park the rain lifted. We signed up for the all day drive into the park tomorrow so we will have to get up a little early and head over to catch our ride. We drove into the park as far as we were allowed, had a nice siting of a moose, and took a short hike. While still a little grey we enjoyed the hike. The tundra is starting to get its fall colors which is pretty. Ton is a fall colors snob (nothing beats New England), but she thought these colors were worth the trip.


August 29 Seward AK to Anchorage AK

We woke up to a pouring rain. The bad news is that the weather is still bad and grey, the good news is today is simply a drive to Anchorage and shopping so the weather is not that important. After a visit to Costco for fuel and food, and the PX and Commisary for more food we camped up at Ft. Richardson, and towards the end of the day enjoyed a little bit of sunshine with our rain.


August 28 Seward AK

Well it was another grey day. The forecast was clouds and occasional showers, and they were right. Because of the weather forecast we decided to buy tickets to the Alaska Sea Life Center. It is a very nice aquarium with a focus on Alaska’s marine wildlife. The highlight of the visit today was a 3 month old orphaned walrus. We were able to watch a feeding and like all babies he was very cute.


The rest of the day was a leisurely walk around town. Of course we visited the local brewery which was fair. The rain held off for most of the day but we called it a day pretty early and went back and gave Scout a bit of scrubbing.


August 27 Homer AK to Seward AK

Today we woke up to sun! What a difference a little blue sky did for our morale. We have been struggling with the constant grey weather since we arrived in Anchorage. But today was glorious.

We are shifting over to Seward today which was a highlight of the last trip. On the way out of town we stopped at an overlook of Homer which we had passed the last three times because it was socked in. This time it was quite sensational and Ton got some good pictures.


Driving over to Seward we had views of a group of off shore volcanoes and several clear views of Mt. Denali. For the first time Alaska was living up to our memories from seven years ago.


But good things could not last and as we got closer to Seward the clouds came back. As we came into Seward we stopped at Exit Glacier. We read that the glacier had retreated 1000 feet in the last 10 years, so we were curious about how it would compare to our memories. It had definately moved back and the face had shrunk quite a bit.


August 26 Homer AK

We had a late start today and a pretty light schedule. It was still raining but the forecast showed clearing later in the day.


We started out by heading into town to check out the interagency visitors center. It had a trail down to a slough that we took but there was not much to see. Our next stop was the farmers market. Several of the stalls were Old Believer families from the Russian Orthodox Church. We tried a potato pie which was pretty good, and cheap,


On the boat tour yesterday they pointed out a spot of land that had the most westermost road in North America, so we decided to head out there. As we pulled into the lot there was a group of folks standing around a car in the lot. One of them came over and asked us if we had a metal hanger so they can try to unlock their car. We gave them one of our hangers and they managed to get the car unlocked. They had an interesting operation there where they launch fishing boats directly into the surf using old bulldozers. The fishing culture in Alaska is pretty impressive and omnipresent.

Our last stops for the day were to try taster trays at the two breweries in Homer. When we returned to our spot the sun was out and the mountains wre clear, but the wind was howling, so after a brisk walk on the beach we hunkered down in scout and waited for sunset.

August 25 Homer AK

Today we took a boat tour of the sound outside Homer. It was a wildlife viewing tour and also a visit to an island town called Seldovia.


The wildlife tour did not disappoint as we saw a lot of birds including bald eagles, about 50 sea otters, and 3 whales.

Seldovia was an interesting stop. It is located on an island about 10 miles from Homer and was one of the orginal Russian settlements in Alaska. It has a cute Russian Orthodox Church. Originally it was a fur and Herring fishing center. Now it seems to thrive on tourism


After returning we finally got a little break in the weather, and we were able to spend a nice quiet evening enjoying the view, talking to our neighbors and watching the boats go by on their way to the harbor. For the first time on the trip we did not move Scout which was nice.


The weater is not perfect, but the views are spectacular. That is a glacier just to the right of the smoke stack of the ship.

August 24 Anchorage AK to Homer AK

We started our day by heading to Costco to fill up on the cheapest diesel of the trip. The diesel at Costco was almost 30 cents less than the fuel we saw around town, and equal to what we were paying in Oregon.

The drive to Homer was done in a driving rain and while the views were pretty we are hoping for better weather on our way back so we can get some pictures.


A Russian Orthodox Church we passed on the way to Homer

Tonight we are on the Homer spit parked facing the ocean with views of mountains, glaciers and the ocean. These kind of views are why you have one of these expensive mobile hotel rooms.


A couple of cool wooden RV’s. The one on the left looks like it is still in service.


Having a drink in the Salty Dawg, a must stop bar in Homer.

August 23 Anchorage AK

Today we returned to the Chevy dealer to get the new parts installed in Scout to get the Diesal Exhaust Fluid system back in service. After a couple of hours the service representative came in and said it may be 3 or 4 more hours, and offered to have their courtesy shuttle drive us somewhere.

We decided on the Anchorage Museum. The museum was undergoing renovation, but they had a very nice display of artifacts from all of the different native groups in Alaska. The artifacts belong to the Smithsonian Museum and are on loan to Anchorage. The display was really well done and interesting. They also had a section on the relationship between Russian and Alaska. We also took a walking tour of the museum with one of the docents.


We finally got Scout back about 3pm, and so with time on our hands we headed over to one of the 18 breweries in Anchorage. Odd Man Rush brewery was a hockey themed brewery with pretty good beer. The last stop for the day was the PX and Commisary at the Air Force side of the base. Gabi had told Ton that the commisary was one of the best she had seen and Ton concurred after the visit.

August 22 Anchorage AK

We woke up bright and early to head over to Alaska Sales and Service. They were able to diagnose the problem, and the good news is it is under warranty. The bad news is the part was not in stock so we have to return tomorrow to finalize the repair. They also confirmed that we could drive around town and take care of our other business.

We had some time until we had to be at Costco for our tires, so we headed downtown to check things out. We joined in a guided work by the National Park Service. As usual with NPS talks it was outstanding. The ranger was very knowledgeable and the weather was clearer than forecast so we could see Denali and all of the other mountains.


Some flowers from downtown Anchorage, the flowers are starting to fade in mid-August.

Our next stop was 49th state Brewery. The food was good, the beer was good, and the views from the restaurant was outstanding.

We next took care of our tire replacement at Costco, and filled up our refrigerator with food. It will be nice to be able to have full confidence in our tires.

We joined Gabi and Ron for an outstanding Chili dinner. We solved a lot of the problems of the Tiger world, and shared war stories from our times in the service. Thanks Ron and Gabi for the great chili and company.

August 21 Fairbanks AK to Anchorage AK

Today the plan was to get the heater on Scout reinstalled and then drive the 350 miles to Anchorage so we could get the tires we had waiting for us at Costco. At this point we thought we would have everything repaired and could begin to relax and enjoy our Alaska trip.


Sunset from our room in Eileson last night

We wraped up the installation of the heater and it seemed to work well. If you are in the Fairbanks area and need work on your Espar heater I highly recommend the team at Inland Mechanical Services. They did a great job getting us back on the road.

We wrapped up at Inland about noon, and began heading towards Anchorage. We went from clear skies in Fairbanks to cloudy skies as we headed south. The highway from Fairbanks to Anchorage passes Denali National Park. As we passed thru the park area it was quite cloudy so we had written off seing Denali. When suddenly the mountain showed up clearly. Ton managed to get some good photos of the mountain.


Right after the mountain had showed itself to us, and just when we were thinking our tour of tire shops and mechanics of Yukon and Alaska was almost over. We got a check engine light telling us our emmison system needed immediate service and the truck began counting down the miles until it went into “limp mode”. Essentially we had 150 miles until the truck began limiting our speed. After some cursing we began calling Chevrolet dealers in Anchorage to get an immediate appointment. The first two dealers could not get us in for 2 or 3 days, the last dealer Alaska Sales and Service were able to schedule us in tomorrow. So once again we will be spending time talking to mechanics.

We finally arrived at Ft. Richardson in Anchorage about 7pm. We saw another Tiger belonging to our friends Ron and Gabi Moeller. They were kind enough to invite us in where we caught up on our experiences, and drank a fair amount of their wine.

August 20 Fairbanks AK

Last time we visited Fairbanks we were very impressed with the botanical gardens so we decided to go again. The most spectacular thing are the giant cabbages that Alaska is famous for. I think the picture tells the story pretty well.


After the botanical gardens we headed over to the visitors center in Fairbanks. On this trip we have been very impressed with the network of visitors centers along the Alaska and the other highways. The Fairbanks one is really nice with the feel of both a visitors center and a museum. It also features outstanding internet, as all of them do, making them a hub for visitors in RV’s looking for free internet.

We ended the day with another visit to Fred Meyer to get some more food and supplies. Ton also was looking for some more long pants as it is colder here than she expected.


A bonus picture from the botanical gardens.

August 19 Fairbanks AK

The first chore for the day was to sort out the tires. We had both researched tires looking for a good tire with the maximum load rating. We both had decided on BF Goodrich TA KO2’s as it had a load rating of 3400lbs per tire (our current tires are rated at 2400ibs). Luckily for us one of the Costco’s in Anchorage had 4 on hand and the price for 4 new tires was pretty close to the price for 2 Nitto’s which we currently have on the truck. So after some pleading from Ron and pulling the Oregon card (the tire center guy in Anchorage was originally from Roseburg OR) we convinced them to hold the tires for us until Tuesday. So Monday as soon as the heater is fixed we will be doing the 6-8 hour drive to Anchorage.

The rest of the day was spent getting the oil changed on the truck, shopping at a huge Fred Meyer grocery, visiting the Commisary and PX (grocery store and variety store for non-military folks) at Fort Wainwright we were pretty well stocked. We would have bought more but now we are going to be at a Costco on Tuesday.

After that we were able to relax a little. We visited Wendys for Chili (Ton’s favorite), Hoodoo Brewery, and Santa’s Village in North Pole, Alaska. Hoodoo is the best brewery we have been to on this trip. We did a tour led by one of the owners and brewers and his passion and knowledge was obvious. Unfortunately they don’t distribute outside of Fairbanks so we bought a few cans for future consumption.


The beer adventure vehicle.

August 18 Tok AK to Fairbanks AK

The plan was to head to Fairbanks and restock, change the oil and enjoy some civilization before heading to Denali. We were still working on a replacement tire, and it looked like we would have to do that in Anchorage.

Then about 2am Ron woke up and noticed the heater was not working. The heaters had always been a problem with Scout, we have been thru 2 webasto heaters before converting to the Espar heater we now have in her. The Espar had been working like a champ, until now. Ron sent out some help emails to Provan and Rixen heaters at 2am hoping for some response when we got up in the morning. We huddled together under the blankets until morning.

At 6am (it was 32 degrees)Ron began calling around. The first call was to Provan and Mark answered and said he was trying to get some information and would call us back. Ron then called Rixen the supplier of the heater and they were extremely helpful and they walked Ron thru troubleshooting the unit. Working with Rixen we eliminated the obvious causes. Finally between Rixen and Jay at Provan we were able to get to get a fault code from the unit and it said that the impellar was jammed or frozen. Meanwhile Mark found a couple of places in Anchorage and one in Fairbanks that could work on the heater. After some discussion we opted for Fairbanks as it was closer and along the route we had planned.

So at about 9am we found ourselves frustrated and heading for Fairbanks and Interior Mechanical Services. We were under a bit of a time crunch as it was Friday and Interior closes at 5pm so we went as fast as we could with 3 different types of tires on the truck. We arrived at Interior at abut 2pm and Ernie the manager arranged to get us right in to the shop. They suspected that the air intake had sucked in something and clogged the impeller. This usually results in the impellar having to be replaced. They were right, but unfortunately by the time they dropped the unit and confirmed the problem we had run out of time on Friday so were going to be in Fairbanks for the weekend. Also, a gasket set was going to have to be air freighted from Anchorage so we could get going on Monday.

With the heater off and overnight temperatures in the high 30’s we were looking for lodging. All of the hotels in Fairbanks were $300 to $500 per night and even the Army base wanted $175, so we are about 20 miles south of Fairbanks at Eileson Air Force Base where we found a room for $60 per night.

So we are where we planned to be, likely for the time we had planned to be here (3 days), but still frustrated because it is not on our terms, but on Scouts terms.


Also by the way we passed the end of the Alaska Highway

August 17 Dawson City YT to Tok AK

We debated our next drive; do we do the Top of the World Highway which is a mixture of asphalt and gravel with our mismatched tires, or do the 750 mile detour back to Whitefish and drive the Alaska Highway. Ultimately we decided on the 176 mile Top of the World figuring the road could not be any worst than yesterday and the mismatched tires held up yesterday.


The drive was really beautiful. A great road running across ridges with super views on each side. We crossed back into the US in the most northern most land border crossing. They actually seemed happy to see us at customs, I think it was a slow day.

After an uneventful drive, the first in a couple of days , we arrived in Tok. We spent part of the afternoon knocking the large chunks of Dempster mud off of Scout, kicking back and researching how to find Nitto Terra Grappler tires in Alaska.

August 16 Eagle Plains YT to Dawson City YT

Today was an adventure. We decided that the Arctic Circle was only 30km North of us so we started the day heading there. We also figured it would be a good test for the used tire we had mounted. We made it with no real problem and have now driven across the arctic circle.


On the way south after about 15 km’s there was a loud bang and the used tire had blown. Fortunately we were at a nice flat spot and on a long, dry, firm stretch of road. But for the first time Ron was going to have to change a tire on Scout. A sparsely traveled road 10 miles south of the arctic circle and 220 miles from the nearest paved road was not the ideal place to test our tire changing equipment. Ron was regretting not doing a dry run before with the tire changing equipment. Everything was going ok until it was time to position the bottle jack to lift the truck. Because the tire had failed completely the rear axle was too low to put the heavy duty bottle jack Ron had bought under the axle. But luckily two fellows who worked for the Yukon government came along and stopped to help. They had a jack that would fit under the axle, but was only rated for two tons, which was not enough to lift the truck. But it would lift the axle enough to get the heavy duty bottle jack under the axle, so success. The tire was changed with the help of a third guy who worked at the Eagle Plains gas station who wandered by with a water truck. I never did get the names of the two guys who had the jack that made the repair possible but I really appreciate them taking the 45 minutes it took for me to use their jack.

The next stop was Eagle Plains to assess the situation, as we were back to the same problem as the night before, 365 kilometers from the nearest pavement and no spare. We were forced to make the budget busting decision to buy a new spare tire that worked in a pinch, but we will be discarding when we get to civilization and can buy a matching tire for the one we lost.

After getting everything sorted in Eagle Plains we took off for Dawson City about noon and after a very cautious drive arrived in Dawson City about 730pm. A very long day.


Could have used this bush plane earlier in the day. I truely am not sure where he landed.

August 15 Dawson City YT to Eagle Plains YT

Today we set out for the Arctic Circle on the Dempster Highway. It is a spectacular drive even though the weather was not cooperating with us. It was raining with quite a bit of cloud cover so a lot of the views were covered in clouds. It was quite beautiful but not super photogenic so pictures were limited.


The first 200km’s of the drive were pretty easy, but at the Ogilvie Summit we ran into about 80km’s of muddy rough road that was a test. We made it through all of that and on a nice smooth pull into the Eagle Plains Campground we lost our rear tire and even more unluckily it was the sidewall so the tire was not repairable. We must of caught a rock gong up the hill. At Eagle Plains there is a tire shop and we were able to find a used tire that is the right size to use to head back to civilization.


A typical stretch of the Dempster

It looks like Inuvik will have to wait until next time. And though we had bad luck the first 350km’s of the Dempster are stunning and I will highly recommend them to anyone.


A picture of Scout about 11pm. It never did get totally dark. Note the mud along the bottom half of the truck.

August 14 Whitehorse YT to Dawson City YT

After relaxing yesterday we had a fairly long drive from Whitehorse to Dawson City. The road was better than we expected and we arrived in Dawson City about 3:30 pm. For the first time on the trip we experienced a little bit of rain, and the temperatures are cooler than normal for this part of the world. The lows later in the week are forecast in the mid-30’s.

The first stop was the Northwest Territory Visitors Center to check on the status of the Dempster Highway. We were told that the road was in fair to good shape and the weather was forecast to not have any real impact on the road. So we are going to give it a shot tomorrow.

We signed up for a walking tour of Dawson City put on by Parks Canada. It was fun and well done with one of the rangers playing the role of an American heiress who visited Dawson during the gold boom. After the tour we visited the Jack London Lounge to see a Sour toe drink made.. We decided on beer instead. We will probably spend another night around here in a few days after we return from the Dempster.


The Yukon River is a big part of the Dawson City experience.

August 13 Whitehorse YT

Today was a day to relax and explore Whitehorse. After a sleep in we started out with laundry. After that we headed over to the visitors center to use their free internet. Ton checked on the status of things back in Oregon and let everyone know we were ok. Ron published the blog and did some research on the Demptser Highway.

After the research was done we walked along the waterfront and visited the SS Klondike. The Klondike is the last paddle wheel steamer that ran on the Yukon River. It was retired in 1955 but has been beautifully restored by Parks Canada. On top of that due to it being the 150th anniversary of Canada all National Parks are free this year.


There was one more brewery in town so we had to check it out. We tried a taster of all of their beers and they were quite good.

The last stop for the night was Walmart where we are sitting for the night. The price is right and there are about 20 other campers including ones from Germany, Austria, and Romania, so free is a good price all around world.

August 12 Watson Lake YT to Whitehorse YT

We have moved to the capitol of the Yukon Territory Whitehorse. It is a town of about 30,000 with all of the amenities of any large town in North America including a Walmart. We took care of some maintenance stuff today the primary one was knocking all of the dead bugs and dust off of Scout. A $10 investment in the local truck wash got us about 80% of the way there, Ton declared that good enough as we have some of the toughest travel coming up.

We also visited one of the local breweries, Yukon brewing company which we had visited seven years ago. The beer was good and we particularly liked their lager.


Whitehorse is the hub of travel on the Alaska Highway and you see a great many different campers from giant luxury busses to homemade converted school buses. There are quite a few European RV’s running around town also. The visitors center is the hub of activity, as in addition to dispensing useful information it also offers good free internet. I think we are going to take advantage of it tomorrow to try to post an update to the blog.

We have been doing some planning and after a down day tomorrow will be heading to Dawson City and then if the conditions are good on to Inuvik in the North West Territory. We are also planning our first stay in a Wall Mart parking lot tomorrow to try to get us back on budget, and to check something else off our camping bucket list.

August 11 Fort Nelson BC to Watson Lake YT

Today we planned a long driving day. There is not much between Ft. Nelson and Watson Lake except for Laird Hot Springs so we decided to take it in one long bound. It is a pretty drive normally through the Northern Rockies, but our old nemesis the smoke returned for the day. Visibility was extremely limited most of the day so we do not have much in the way of pictures.

We also burned a budget bustin amound of gas for the day. Hopefully it will be less tomorrow. It was a good day for critter sitings though. We had a grizzly bear run across the road right in front of the truck. It is remarkable how fast he was moving. Later we saw a black bear standing on his hind legs next to the road. In both cases it happened too fast to get pictures. Later we passed a couple of herds of bison next to the road, and one herd crossing the road. Also note the smoke in the background. The smoke really is phenomenal.


We arrived in Watson Lake about 5pm and visited the sign post forest next to the visitor center. Everyone who passes thru is encouraged to post a sign from there hometown. I think the current count was over 40,000.


Tonight we are in a Yukon territorial park for $12. This will help offset the $140 in fuel today.

August 10 Dawson Creek BC to Fort Nelson BC

Today was a driving day. There is not much to see between Dawson Creek and Fort Nelson so we got up and headed up the road. We made a short diversion to the last of the WW2 era wooden bridges. It is no longer on the main road and is being preserved by Canada as a historic site. Ron liked it but Ton was not too impressed.

The big change since our last trip is a natural gas boom in the area. There is much more traffic on the road from Dawson Creek to Ft. St. John and a little beyond. It reminds us a little of the Bakken area of North Dakota where Ron just finished up working.

The other change is an overall improvement in the quality of the road. It is much better than we both remember, even though there are some rough patches on it.

We arrived in Fort Nelson around 2:30 pm and stayed in the same RV park we stayed at on the last trip. As usual in these small towns we went to the visitors center, and were told enthusisastically that there was a program on the history of Ft. Nelson in 20 minutes. The air conditioning was good and the staff looked so happy to have someone that we stayed and were the only attendees. It was well done and interesting so we were glad we stayed.

Across the street is a museum that we think is a must see if you make the trip. It is full of interesting stuff and vehicles. We had stopped on our last trip to Alaska and had fond memories. The staff is very proud and glad to answer questions. If you have a chance check it out.


August 9 Williams Lake BC to Dawson Creek BC

We woke up to a very smoky morning. We thought we may have been thru the worst of the smoke when we went to bed, but sometime during the night smoke blew in and it was as bad as we had seen yesterday.

We planned a long day driving today to get out of the smoke. We had targeted a town called Chedwyn, but as we pulled in the two parks in town were packed. It seems Chedwyn and Dawson Creek are having an oil boom with all of the good and bad that comes with it. Both towns were noticeably bigger than 5 years ago, and the quiet RV parks that were thrilled to see tourists are now very full with oil workers. Chedwyn was offering temporary parking in a parking lot in town. We decided to push on to Dawson City. As we pulled in it looked like the same problem. We checked in with the visitors center and they said it was rodeo week and they recommended we head up the highway.

The good news is that we are well out of the smoke and we have blue sky for tomorrows drive. Now we can try to slow down, even thought the next town is about 300 miles away. Also today we reached the official begining of the Alaska Highway.


August 8 Kelowna BC to Williams Lake BC


Another lazy start to the day. The original plan was to head towards a Provincial Park to spend the night and take in some sights, but as we were heading north out of Kelowna the smoke from the fires continued to get worst. Ton finally said that maybe we should just get to Alaska and come back and see British Columbia after the fires were out. It made a lot of sense as the intensity of the smoke is hard to describe.

We rerouted ourselves towards Dawson Creek on the most direct route which took as thru Kamloops. Kamloops had the most intense smoke we had seen so far on the trip, with visibility down to a mile or less in some places. As we pulled into Kamloops there was a sign showing that Route 97 was closed due to fire activity. As you can guess Route 97 is the direct route to Dawson Creek from Kamloops so we needed to reroute. We ended up on a 80 mile detour around the fire to rejoin route 97.

The impact of the fire is pretty intense. Tonight we are staying on the grounds of the Williams Lake Stampede. Sharing the grounds with us is about 10 fire engines from various towns in BC and Alberta. A helicopter with a water bucket just flew buy, and in the mall in town is a large Red Cross evacuation center staffed with about 20 people. Talking to a local this is the biggest heat wave BC has had since the late 50’s and the most fires in one season since 1961. Right now they have fire crews from all over Canada, the US, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, and Chile. It really is something traveling thru the middle of a natural disaster.

So despite our best intentions of taking it slow we are back in the miles per day race until we get north of the fires.

August 7 Wenatchee WA to Kelowna BC

We were discussing options last night about what to do next. Our initial thought was to take it slow going north and spend another day in Washington before spending a couple of days traveling around the Okanogan Valley in BC looking at wineries. But the smoke and heat was getting to us. The air quality was categorized as unhealthy in Wenatchee, and unhealthy in Kelowna so we made the decision to just try to get north of the smoke. Below is an example of the smoke obscuring the views.


Today turned into a travel day with the priority being getting in some miles. It was an uneventful drive north except we came upon a very severe accident that stopped us for about 40 minutes, and then after entering BC we came upon another accident where the truck involved had caught fire and burned totally.

We decided to wimp out and stay in a place with power so we can run our AC. Between the smoke and the high heat we decided to put comfort over cost. Luckily we called ahead to find a place as it is a holiday in Canada today, and even more lucky the place we called had just had a cancellation and we got their last spot for the night. It is a very nice campground above Kelowna on a working farm called Orchard Hill RV. We highly recommend it.

August 6 Wanapum State Park WA to Wenatchee WA

Today was our 36th anniversary so we decided to take it easy and celebrate in a town we had been intending to visit for a while. We had visited Wenatchee in the past with our sons as part of a hockey trip and remembered it as a small farm town. We had heard that it had boomed since we last visited.

After a lazy start to the day we started the visit by trying to get a spot at Confluence State Park in Wenatchee. They did not have anything available but overflow in the day use parking lot, but the location was good even if the price was not ($25)for what was nothing more than a parking lot. We decided to stay there anyway.

Next stop was Costco to stock up on some final things before we headed up to Canada. We were looking for some good local beer, and some fruit. We found them though it was a little pricier than we expected. So far Wenatchee is not cheap.

The next stop was Pybus Public Market it was billed as the newest attraction in Wenatchee and was indeed nice. The best thing for Ron is that he got to see the last twenty minutes of the Timbers game, and even better, they won.

While at Pybus we were looking for a nice place for dinner when Ton realized that most of the restaurants in town were closed on Sunday. This caught us off guard as we are used to the restaurants in Portland all being open on Sunday. Since we were now committed to the area we had to look at our alternatives.


Leavenworth was about 20 minutes away and had a lot of open restaurants so we headed there for a German dinner. We also visited a couple of breweries. So thank you for saving the day Leavenworth.

It is still extremely hot and smoky. The high was 96 degrees, and visibility was only a couple of miles. Hopefully we get a break soon.

August 5 Portland OR to Wanapum State Park WA

The plan for the first day was to head from Portland taking Forest Service Road 25 and US-12. FS-25 is a summer only road that goes between Mt. Adams and Mt. St. Helens. We were looking for a new way to head east and this was new to us. FS-25 was a very rough road built just for Tigers. While paved there were areas of very high disrepair that required paying attention to what was going on. The drive was pretty but the views were spoiled by the intense smoke we are currently getting in the Pacific Northwest. A combination of a severe heat wave and very large wild fires in British Columbia made for very poor air quality and visibility.

A very smoky Mt. St. Helens


In typical Corbin fashion we blew threw Yakima, Ron missed the campground and ended up driving an extra hour until we spotted Wanapum State Park. A little pricy compared to the Forest Service Campground we planned to stay in but having full services is nice as it was in the mid 90’s when we pulled in, so the AC is getting a test run tonight. travelin tiger 2013