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September 27, Mt. Home AFB, ID to Home

Another day blasting down I-84. Some stats on this trip. 2890 miles in 8 days. 2 national parks and more good memories.


September 26, Zion NP to Mt. Home AFB

Ron got a call and his work in Mexico was moved up a week, so we are faced with bombing down I-84 so he can catch a plane on Sunday. Today we covered nearly 600 miles with Scout handling 70-75 mph on the freeway.

September 25, Zion NP

Today was a day to explore Zion. After a relaxing morning we headed to the river walk with Pae and Supachai. It is a easy walk beside the Virgin River towards an area called the Narrows. It was a very pretty walk that seemed easy after the walks the previous couple of days.


We had signed up earlier in the day for a two hour ranger talk. It was quite fun and interesting and as usual the Ranger did a good job and was very well prepared.


At the end of the tour we said good bye to Pae and Supachai. Ton and I would like to thank them for a great time, and we really enjoyed their company.


September 24, Bryce Canyon NP to Zion NP

Today we shifted base to Zion. We had agreed to meet Pae and Supachai at the hotel so we had a pretty early start so we could dump our tanks. When we got to the dump station we had an international dump station party with a couple from Germany, and England. With some cooperation we were all able to get out of there pretty quickly.


The drive to Zion was an uneventful 70 miles. Our next target was to get into a campground in Zion. Given how busy Bryce was we were pretty pessimistic about getting into one of the Park Campgrounds. When we pulled into the station to pay the entrance fee they had a sign saying both campgrounds were full. We decided to check anyway as it was still before noon hoping someone left. When we pulled into the South Campground the campground host waived us down and we were expecting the worst. But she told us this was our lucky day because we could have their last spot if we wanted it. Of course we did and jumped in. After setting up we headed into town to have a quick Thai lunch.


Zion was very busy and the bus system they have in place was overwhelmed. But we were able to go up and hike the Emerald Pools Trail. What a difference 70 miles can make. When we woke in Bryce in the morning it was 40 degrees, and when we went to hike the Emerald Pools Trail it was 93 degrees. We took it easy and it was well worth the trip.

We called it a day a little early as Pae and Supachai were staying in a hotel about 50 miles from the park. Ton and I enjoyed a relaxing sunset from our campsite to call it a day.


Ton really liked this picture of a squirrel on the Emerald Pools Trail

September 23, Bryce Canyon NP

Today was spent exploring the park. This was Ton and my third trip to the park. Our son Dylan had worked here one summer so we have a special relationship with the park. We were surprised how busy the park was, we expected that it would be on a shoulder season, but all of the facilities were full. We were lucky to get a spot in the campground.


We began with a drive on the 18 mile loop stopping at all of the pull outs and taking a bunch of photos of the hoodoos and the other scenery. For us it was still quite beautiful the third time thru, for Pae and Supachai they seemed to really enjoy the experience. To make up for missing the Bristlecones Pines at Great Basin we hiked the Bristlecone trail here and saw some, though apparently not as old as the ones at Great Basin. We also hiked the Queens and Navajo Trail loop. Ton and I had never done the Navajo trail and we were glad we did, when it was done!. We climbed out on the Navajo trail and it was quite steep, but worth it. The park service here has put in a program where if you hike three trails totaling 4 miles you get a prize. You prove it by taking pictures of markers on the trail. Ton and Pae were very proud of their pins.


Looking Down in Bryce Amphitheater

We finished out the day by attending two astronomy talks. The first was on the history of astronomy and it was standing room only, probably over two hundred people. Bryce has the reputation as the best place in the US to stargaze and they set up 5 telescopes in the visitor center parking lot. Again their was an amazing amount of people there, but the views were awesome.

September 22, Hill AFB to Bryce Canyon NP, Utah

We had decided to meet at Bryce Canyon. After a quick start in the morning Ton and I decided to do some shopping while we waited for traffic in Salt Lake City to die down. We topped off the refrigerator and added a couple of six packs of Utah’s finest microbrews.

The drive to Bryce Canyon was uneventful. By the time we all had settled in we decided to head over to the park to Sunrise Point. Ton and I had been here a couple of times when Dylan worked at Bryce Canyon, but it was Pae and Supachai’s first time and they were blown away. After spending an hour or so taking pictures we headed back into town as we had signed up to attend a concert in Bryce City. I did not have high expectations, but it was quite good. The Utah parks are always full of Europeans on vacation and they did a fun thing at the concert, as they seated everyone they asked them where they were from, and at the begining of the concert they hung flags representing all of the countries in attendance. Somehow they had missed a large group of Welsh who let them know they were there and the team on stage were able to fetch a Welsh flag right away to big cheers. The three Thai in our group were proud that Thailand was the only Asian country tonight.


At our table we had a German couple who have moved to Vancouver BC, and a Finnish couple who are on a three week Bus trip. The concert of Western traditional music was quite good and the group presenting did a great job of representing the US. Everyone had a good time.

September 21, Mt. Home ID to Hill AFB, Utah

Today we finished the drive to Salt Lake City. First we checked in at the Air Force Base outside of town to get a spot, luckily we went there first as we got the last spot they had. We had a little time so we went by the shopping on the base and walked around a bit to see what they had.

Later we met Pae and Supachai at Squatters Pub Brewery downtown. We were hoping to visit this brewery and were plesantly surprised when they called us and told us to meet them there. Ton and I had always skipped downtown Salt Lake City as we were a little nervous about parking downtown, but it turned out to be no problem as things were quiet on a rainy Sunday.

After a couple of beers Pae wanted to see the Great Salt Lake so we headed out to a state park near Saltair. The view of the lake was nice and we also got a good view of the largest cooper mine in the US. Pae tasted the water and determined it was very salty.


We ended the day by heading to Cathedral Square which is the center of the Mormon Religion. It was quite impressive with lots of large buildings surrounded by well maintained gardens, and statues of prominent people and events in the religion.


September 20, Home to Mountain Home Idaho

Today was a get there fast day. We are meeting our friends Pae and Supachai in Salt Lake City tomorrow so our goal today was miles. We covered nearly 500 almost all of it on I-84. The plan was to stay at Mountain Home AFB, but as we got close we called ahead to check and there was an air show going on and no room at the inn. This gave us the excuse we needed to stay at a full blown RV park with cable TV so we could watch the Oregon Ducks game. Go Ducks! travelin tiger 2013