November 3 Bakersfield CA to Monterey CA

Originally we planned to spend two nights in Yosemite NP, but due to very cold temperatures there and concerns about road closures we had to adjust our plans. So instead we are heading for Monterey California for the next several days and we will have to come up with some new plans.

Today was mostly taken up with driving from Bakersfield to Monterey, and some more shopping at Costco. Ton has shared her love of all things Costco with Noi and Dang and they are embracing it enthusiastically.


We arrived in time to visit a couple of wineries in the Salinas area. Noi was interested in shooting some of the vineyards as the leaves were turning colors. Ton, Dang, and Ron were much more interested in drinking wine. On an earlier trip we had visited Passagno Winery and really enjoyed ourselves so we returned to see if it was still good. We really enjoyed ourselves and have three bottles to take back with us to California.


Tonight we are settled in at Monterey Pines RV Park next to the Navy Golf Course in Monterey and working on plans for the next two days. Stay tuned to see what we come up with. travelin tiger 2013