November 4 Monterey CA

The day started out with a quest for a longer sewer house for Elephant. The sewer house for Elephant is about 8 ft long and we need one about 20ft long in our spot. We started out going to the PX at the old Fort Ord Army Base, but unlike most PX’s this one did not have any RV stuff, but Ton, Noi, and Dang enjoyed shopping. We next went to the Target, no hose there, but Noi, Dang, and Ton enjoyed shopping. Next door to Target was a REI, Ron knew they would not have a hose, but Noi, Dang and Ton enjoyed shopping. We next went to Wal-mart and they had a hose, and Noi, Dang and Ton enjoyed shopping. After the quest for the hose was complete it was now 1pm and while everyone had enjoyed shopping it was time to do some touristy stuff.


We headed over to Carmel to visit another spot we enjoyed on our Pacific Coast Highway trip a couple of years ago. Los Lobos State Nature Reserve is a great place to look at both sea animals and some really beautiful Cypress Trees.


We returned in time to whip up something and get a good nights sleep under the flight path for the main runway at Monterey airport. Fortunately it is a small airport. travelin tiger 2013