October 29 Grand Canyon NP to Zion NP AZ

Noi was up before the crack of dawn for some sunrise shots, while Dang, Ton and Ron slept in until about 7am. After Noi returned we had a fairly long drive to Zion. On the way out of Grand Canyon we stopped at a few sites for some more pictures.


We arrived in Zion about 3pm and like Grand Canyon we were able to get full hookups for the first day and then we will have to figure out what to do for tomorrow. After arrival the three Thai women made a reconaisance run on the bus up into the Canyon.

Ron elected to stay behind and rest his ribs. After a while he decided to make a stealth run to a brewery in town to check out the local beers, and to scout for a place to watch the Timbers tomorrow.


Sunset from our campsite in Zion

After another long day we had a late meal and everyone turned in. The plan is to head up the canyon early tomorrow after relocating the truck to another campground.

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