August 14, Cody WY to Ellsworth AFB SD


Today we started out with plans to drive 8 hours to the Badlands NP. But enroute our youngest son Dylan called and convinced us to swing by and see the Devels Tower National Monument. This was the first national monument ever created. It is a 800 foot rock that sticks straight up in the air with what appears to be columns. We walked the base of the rock which takes about 45 minutes. A very impressive feature but very crowded today with people scrambling all over the rocks. For me it took away from the experience as it is a place that deserves some quiet contemplation. Especially since there are signs all over saying that climbing on the loose rocks requires a climbing permit, and I doubt the park service is issuing permits to 4 year olds.

After the stop we decided to stop short and ended up at Ellsworth AFB. When we got there the normal RV park was full but he said there was an overflow lot a couple of miles away. So tonight we are parked in an old parking lot with two other RV’s at the end of the runway in an abandoned part of the base. We do have a great view of B1 and B52 bombers landing and taking off.

P1060178 travelin tiger 2013