April 10, 2018 Dijon FR

Today we planned on spending the day exploring Dijon.  The jet lag is finally wearing off and we woke up at a pretty normal time after sleeping thru the night.  

Yesterday we had purchased a walking guide of Dijon from the Tourist Office.  It is called The Owls Trail.  On the main church in Dijon sometime in the 16th century someone (no one is sure who) added an owl on one of the side walls.  The legend is that if you touch it with your left hand (the one closest to your heart) and make a wish it will come true.

The lucky owl on the side of the Church of Notre Dame.  Notice how worn it is from all of the people looking for good luck.

They have embedded little owl plaques in the sidewalks thru out downtown and all you have to do is follow them in a loop to see most of the main sites in town.  It really is a nice system and a fun way to make your way around town.  

A sample of the cute owl embedded in the sidewalk.

Because today was market day we decided to start our Owls Tour at the market.  The market building is a cast iron building built in 1875.  The market was primarily meat and cheese, with the cheese places having the longest lines of locals.  We did not end up buying anything but enjoyed window shopping.  

Chickens prepared for cooking.

Following the owl around town we were overwhelmed with churches, old mansions, old shops, and palaces.  To see so much first rate medieval and renaissance architecture in such a small area was impressive to Ron as it is his first visit to continental Europe.  

Ron liked this building a lot.  

Having spent a couple of hours wandering around Dijon we decided it was time for a break and some lunch.  We went to a restaurant the winery had recommended yesterday and each had the Plat du Jour.  The main course was a stuffed chicken with sauce and noodles.  The desert was small plates including a pudding, a creme brulee, and an espresso.  It was a good deal at 14 euro’s.  

We did some window shopping in some of the modern stores, and a department store before deciding to head back to François (Ton decided that the RV was too classy for a name like Frenchy).  Ron missed the turn heading out of town despite having done the exact same roundtrip yesterday, and led Ton on a 1/2 hour wander thru Dijon before finally getting back on track.

At the end of the day including Ron’s wandering around lost we posted over 10 miles on the Fitbit.  Not bad for a couple of old people.  

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