April 13, 2018 Orcines FR

Today we reluctantly left Burgundy.  But before leaving we wanted to take a look at some more of the Beaujolais country.  Somewhere around Julien we made a wrong turn and quickly found ourselves on some small mountain roads heading into the Haute Beaujolais.  It turned out to be a nice mistake as it is beautiful country.  The Haute Beaujolais looks like it is dairy country with lots of valleys full of pastures and a pure white breed of cow we do not have in the US.  After a while of wandering around and completely unsure of exactly where we were (reminds me of a line from Band of Brothers when one soldier asks if they are lost, the officer replies we are not lost, we are in France), we decided to punch in our final destination for the day and let the GPS take us there.  

This breed of white cow is pretty large and all over Burgundy.  We have never seen anything like this breed in the US.  The background is typical of the country we drove thru today.

After a couple of hours and our first accidental experience of a French A road (think interstate with tolls) we ended up at Le Puy de Dome.  It is an inactive volcano cone, where you are supposed to be able to see 11 departments of France from.  The weather was not ideal as it was cold and windy, with high clouds.  But the views were there to see, just a little gray from the clouds.  The wind made it a little uncomfortable but we completed the circuit around the dome.

The view from the top of the Puy de Dome.  Not a great day for photography but we will not be back on this trip.  We think it would be spectacular on a bright day.

At the top is the ruins of a roman temple to Mercury built around 124 AD.  The Puy de Dome apparently has been a tourist attraction for quite sometime.

Some of the ruins of the Temple of Mercury on Puy de Dome.  Puy means volcanic hill in French.

After a week with Francoise it was time to fill up for the first time.  The cost was $129 for 19 gallons which is $6.78/gallon.  The good news is the distances between things to do are a lot less, so our daily cost of fuel so far is less than at home.  On this trip our biggest cost has been admission to sites.  Interestingly we are spending less per night than at home for campgrounds and we have not really tried to find free spots which abound around here.

François is the RV in the middle.  Taken from the top Puy de Dome.

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