April 7, 2018 Vincelles FR

The original plan for today was to visit Auxerre which is an interesting looking medieval town.  We are both fighting jet lag so after some conversation at 130 am we both finally fell asleep until after 9am.  So the day got off to a late start.   The first stop was another grocery store to pick up the things we missed yesterday.

After that we headed into Auxerre to find a place to park.  The first choice was going to be the Aire but it was closed.  We then decided to bite the bullet and go to the municipal campground, when we arrived the office was staffed, but it turns out it was also closed. They recommended a place in Vincelles and after some wandering around admiring the countryside we ended up in a nice campground, the receptionist informed me that we were the first Americans he had ever checked in, at first he could not find the US in the database in his computer and asked if we minded being listed as British, but a few seconds later he proudly informed us that he had found the US and we would be listed properly in their database. 

After a quick lunch we headed to the Bailley Lapierre Caves.  The caves were originally an under ground stone quarry to supply building in Paris and operated from the middle ages till the 1920’s.  It was converted to a wine production facility in 1972.  The scale is impressive as we drove the RV (Ton is calling it Frenchy) into the cave for parking.  The entire facility is underground in the caves leftover from the quarry.  The tour was pretty interesting though we both regretted our lack of French.  We tasted some brut at the end and while we are generally not big fans of sparkling wine we enjoyed this one.

In addition to the wine there is some nice art work along the way.

We finished the day with a nice walk along the canal and River Yonne.  The mustard is in full flower and the yellow fields lined the river.  It was quite nice.

Mustard field with old church whose bells we have been listening to all day.

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