April 8, 2018 Beaune FR

We are still fighting a bit of jet lag so we had another slow start to the day.  We finally hit the road about 1030 for the 120 km trip to Beaune.  We told the GPS to avoid tolls so we found ourselves driving thru some really beautiful country on roads that ranged from two good lanes with passing zones every few miles to 11/2 lane roads thru small villages.  We probably only averaged about 40mph but it was worth it for the view.

This stretch of road is typical with fields and small villages.  This stretch was not particularly narrow.

We arrived in Beaune around lunch time with the intent of checking out the free aire, but we missed the sign going thru town despite the really light traffic.  We saw the sign for the municipal campground and decided to go ahead and pay up for the night.

After a nice lunch prepared by Ton we headed into Beaune.  It is a well preserved medieval city.  Our primary stop for the day was going to be the Hospices De Beaune.  On the walk there, and as we were entering the downtown “tourist” core suddenly there were sirens converging on the area in mass.  Unfortunately in these times we were worried that something really bad was happening.  As it turned out Beaune is hosting a “Police Film Festival” this weekend, and what we heard were a bunch of guys whose hobby is to fix up cars and dress like foreign police.  So when we got down town we were treated to the site of a bunch of American Police cars including two NYPD, one California Highway Patrol and one LAPD cruiser.  There was also a 1950’s Cadillac painted as an Oklahoma Highway Patrol Car.  While the theme was definitely American there were a couple of antique French Police Cars, and a group of guys dressed up like Italian Carabiniere (national police) complete with a Maserati.

One of several “American” Police cars we came across in Beaune.

The Hospice De Beaune was built in 1443 and was active as a Hospital until 1972.  The thought that went into it is quite impressive for its time and allowed it to function for over 500 years.  But this being France it was partially endowed by the production of wine on site, and the wine from the Hospice is still very sought after.  

The roof of the Hospice de Beaune is done in a traditional Burgundian style with colored tiles.

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