April 9, 2018 Dijon FR

The jet lag is starting to wear off a bit and we were both up and moving around a little earlier.  We were undecided about the day as it is supposed to rain this afternoon, and it was spitting a little this morning to give us a taste.

We did want to visit a winery and after much research Ton decided on Bernard Rion Sarl in the village of Vosnee Romanee.  It was a great choice.  We were met by the owners wife as we pulled up in front.  She assigned us to Bastien who gave us a personal tour of the winery and poured about 8 or 9 wines for us to taste.  During the pouring the wife came down and offered us some truffles and bread to go with the tasting from their kitchen.  A little later the owner Bernard came in and said hello, and offered us some tips on where to find good beer in the area.  We decided to buy only two bottles as we do not have a lot of room.  Ron was very tempted by the Grand Cru but at 90 Euro a bottle it seemed a little extravagant for anything we could whip up in the RV.  We instead settled for a couple of lessor wines that were still very good, and one we will save for a special night before we leave.

Ron pretending he is a tasting room worker in France.

As we are learning the system here we needed some more supplies so we popped in to another grocery store for some more stuff.  After tasting some great wine, Ton was fascinated with the wine selection in the grocery and decided to buy a 1.99 Euro bottle to compare with what we had just tasted. We are drinking it as we write this and it is quite enjoyable, though not up to the standard of Bernard Rion Sarl.

Bird along the Canal De Bourgogne.  Not a species we are familiar with.

When we arrived at Dijon the weather was not very threatening so we decided to head into town. It was about a mile and half walk mostly along the river to the old part of town.  Tomorrow we are going to explore the town seriously, but today we visited the Musee Del Bel Artes in the old Duke of Bourgogne’s palace.  It was a very impressive museum with great medieval art and armaments. The palace itself is massive and reflects the power the Duchy of Bourgogne had during the early Renaissance period.  It was under construction so there will be more to see in the future.  

The square outside the Duke of Bourgogne’s palace.

We decided to head back a little early as the sky was starting to threaten rain.  We made it back just in time before a really large thunderstorm moved thru the area complete with lightning and a real gully washer of rain that would have competed with any thunderstorm in the mid-west.

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