February 1, 2018 Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Ron woke up a little early to go for a walk and chase some big horn sheep around for a while trying to get pictures.  Ton’s from yesterday were better.  

After breakfast we set out to explore the rest of the park.  We took a couple of short hikes and really enjoyed ourselves.  The weather was perfect for hiking, mid to high 60’s, and we picked a couple of easy places that still gave us wonderful views of the Red  sandstone that gives the park it’s name.  We really enjoyed Valley of Fire, it is a nice size and has a variety of places to visit.  It is the equal of many National Parks for things to see and do.

This Raven kept an eye on us for a few minutes while we were walking.

Our next stop was planned for Lake Mead National Recreation Area if you are wondering what the abbreviation in the title for the day is short for.  Ton and I were both surprised by Lake Mead as we thought the Lake would be front and center, and for the first 40 miles it was almost invisible.  Instead we had a drive thru a typical Mojave landscape with occasional burst of Red from Sandstone deposits.  It was not at all what we expected.  We are staying at a campground called Las Vegas Cove.  Once again we are parked along a river and the Lake is far away.  We enjoyed a nice dinner watching another colorful desert sunset.  We managed to actually drive less than 100 miles and were content to park up around 2pm.  Maybe we can slow down.

The last view of Valley of Fire.

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