February 11, 2018 Petaluma CA

Ton has dubbed the rest of our trip north good beer hunting.  The plan is to move north roughly following US101 through Northern California and Oregon searching for breweries.  

With Ron still a little under the weather the plan was to take it easy and only visit one brewery today. We chose Russian River brewery in Santa Rosa.  It is famous for two IPA’s Pliney the Elder and Pliney the Younger.  They have a national reputation and even though we have tried them both we thought we would go by the brewery to try one on site.  When we got there, the line to get in to the brewery had about 300 people in it.  It turns out it was the release day for this years Pliney the Younger and also the San Francisco beer festival.  When someone from the brewery came by and informed us that the wait to get in would be five hours we decided to go somewhere else.  

The Russian River Brewing home of a very sought after beer called Pliney the Elder.

The second place was about five miles away called Bear Republic Brewery.  We had a taster tray of 9 beers ranging from a pilsner to a stout.  There were several good beers though we thought the lighter beers were better than the darker beers.

Bear Republic Brewing, no four wait, and good beer.

Ron is still a little worn out from the flu, so we headed over to a nice campground in dairy country near Petaluma that came with over 180 channels on their cable.  While Ron took a nap Ton was able to watch her favorite hockey team on the TV.

Some happy California cows just across the fence from the campground.

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