February 12, 2018 Blue Lake CA

Good Brew Hunting continued today with two stops as we continue our very slow pub crawl north.  After a slow start in the morning we headed towards Boonville California to a brewery that we had targeted called Anderson Valley Brewery.  To get there we covered about 25 miles of twisty mountain roads until we dropped into the valley.  The beer was delicious, and we debated calling it a day there, but decided to push on north.

Anderson Valley Brewing, one of our favorites.

After another three hours we ended up at the Mad River brewery in Blue Lake.  The beer was good but not quite up to the standard of Anderson Valley.  However, they were having a sale on cans so we picked up a case of a nice lager for the next trip in Scout.

The coastal mountains of Northern California are really rugged.

Tonight we are urban camping in  a casino parking lot near the brewery in Blue Lake.

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