February 13, 2018 Bandon OR

Our last day in California on this trip was magnificent from a weather point of view.  The skies were blue and it was relatively warm at about 60 degrees.  The views going up the coast were spectacular.

The coast line of Northern California and Oregon are wild and spectacular.

Todays drive though was not about views but about brews.  Let me say that on these beer tasting days we are very careful to only have a small tasting of tray of 4 or 5 shot sized glasses.  I do not want anyone to think we are overindulging.  Todays first stop was at Arch Rock Brewing in Gold Beach.  This was by far the smallest brewery we visited.  The tasting room was an alcove inside the door of the warehouse.  In addition to tasting the beer we were able to observe a business meeting between the owner/brewer and some suppliers.  The beer was truly terrific, particularly their porter and lager.

We continued north to Bandon which is one of the cutest towns on the coast.  A brewery had opened there in the last year.  The facility is really nice and the beer was good.  They were a little optimistic and had the garage door open to the outside seating.  But with a light jacket it was fun to pretend like it was summer.

Bandon Brewing.

Ron was still fighting the effects of the flu so we decided to stay in Bandon for the night.  Our campsite is at Bullards Beach State Park near the ocean in Bandon.

Scout and Ron at the park.

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