February 14, Coos Bay OR

The final day of “Good Brew Hunting” had us dealing with some disappointment.  The first two breweries we had planned to visit were not going to open until 4 pm which was too late if we were going to get home at a reasonable hour.

We did visit 7 Devils Brewing in Coos Bay.  We enjoyed their IPA a great deal.  This is another first class facility.  The owner is an artist and has done a class job of decorating the place.

Ton liked the painting of Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy.

We had planned to make Yachats brewing the last stop for the day.  The beautiful weather we had been having had finally broken and we had more typical Oregon Coast weather, a mixture of sun and rain.  The drive from Florence to Yachats is really spectacular and we enjoyed the views.  When we got to Yachats we found the brewery closed despite their website saying they were open, there was a note on the door reflecting limited winter hours that was not on their website.  

At this point we punched home into the navigator.  As we were driving thru Newport we came to a seafood place we had always talked about stopping at, so we did.  We split a Captains Platter of fish, shrimp, scallops, and oysters.  After our late lunch we headed to the house.

The “Good Brew Hunting” trip was now over with 11 breweries visited in three states.  Ron’s favorite brewery was Arch Rock and his favorite beer was the lager from Arch Rock.  Ton’s favorite brewery was Anderson Valley with Arch Rock a close second, and her favorite beer was also from Anderson Valley their Brother Davids Triple.  

A rainbow as we were pulling into the neighborhood.

The “Good Brew Hunting” tour was a total of 3818 miles over 20 days and Scout averaged 13.26 mpg.  One thing we have noticed that with the heavier tires we put on in Alaska we are averaging almost 1 mpg less, but I think it is worth it for the extra weight capacity.

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