February 3, 2018 Las Vegas NV

A slow day for us.  We spent the morning taking care of laundry and using the internet at the office to publish the blog and do some research on next stops for us.  

We decided to go to a Chinese Lantern Show that was advertised in the local paper.  It looked like it would be interesting and a nice way to spend an evening.  It totally blew us away.  It was 5 or 6 acres of really complex lanterns, though they did cheat and use led lights instead of candles.  Ton killed the battery on her camera taking pictures.  We had a hard time selecting a couple of pictures for the blog.  It also included a show of Chinese jugglers, acrobats, and a mask dance that was really extraordinary.  The young women went thru a series of masks in just a couple of seconds.  We have not been able to figure out how she did it, but it was really cool.

This frog changed colors.
A famous tea maker.
Chinese opera.
And of course a dragon.
This is a traveling show if it ever comes to your town I highly recommend you go.

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