February 6, 2018 Camp Pendleton CA

Ton brought up the idea of heading over to the coast.  Our original hope was to stay at the Navy park on Coronado Island in San Diego, but as with every other time we could not get a reservation.  We instead are at the Marine Base with an ocean front spot.  We are not disappointed with not getting into Coronado.

We started out trying to get up for sunset but did not succeed.  Ron ran out to try to get some just past sunset pictures but they did not turn out.  On our way out of the park we stopped at one of Tons favorite spots the Cholla garden.  The Cholla Cactus has one of the nastiest thorns of any cactus, but it has really nice flowers.  

The cholla garden in Joshua Tree.

We took a back road from Palm Springs to Temecula which kept us off the freeways.  The highway was called the Pine to Palms Highway and takes you thru the Santa Rosa Mountains.  The climb out of Palm Springs is quite steep as you quickly go from Sea Level to 3000 feet.  You go from desert to alpine and pass thru at least three different plant types.  While the road is windy and narrow for Ron it is less nerve racking than dealing with Southern California Freeways.  

We arrived at the beach and as we were setting up a nice couple came up and struck up a conversation about our drive down and the Tiger.  Ron was hooking up things and Ton was outside speaking with the wife.  A few minutes later Ron noticed water coming out of the truck.  Sometime along the way one of us had bumped the water in the kitchen sink on.  While we are driving we store some stuff in the sink so that was blocking the drain, and we had a flood.  So tonight we are drying out the floor, and some of our dish towels and things are hanging up to dry.

Sunset from our campsite.

We ended the day by doing something we have never done in seven or eight years of camping.  We built a campfire and sat on the beach eating our dinner and enjoying the sound of the surf.

Our first campfire.

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