February 7, 2018 Camp Pendleton CA

The first job for today was to try to sort out our camera.  It suddenly stopped working.  We are not sure if the battery has given up the ghost or it is something bigger.  It is 6 or 7 years old so it may be just at the end of its’ life despite Ton’s meticulous maintenance.  For now we are in possession of a new camera we bought at Costco.  While Ton was sorting out the camera and doing some grocery shopping,  Ron took Scout for an oil change.

After that we headed out to check out the north part of San Diego county.  Once again Ron is shocked that an area he remembers so well from 20 years ago has changed substantially.  Oceanside has gentrified tremendously, and Carlsbad is positively upscale now.  We really enjoyed checking out the town including the Belching Beaver Brewery, a Pizza place that also brewed beer, and the farmers market.  In fact we had such a good time that we decided to spend another night here.

Not sure what Ron is so focused on, a nice brewery called Belching Beaver.

Last night most of the sites around us were empty, when we returned tonight we were surrounded by a bunch of large RV’s.  It turns out it is a group of Elks from around Moreno Valley California who are here for the weekend.  They seem like a bunch of nice people and invited us to join them tomorrow for a card tournament.  We will see.

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