January 28, 2018 Reno NV

Today was a driving day as we decided to get serious about chasing warmer temperatures.  The drive was long, but very easy as there is almost no traffic on the whole route.  When we left we were surrounded by snow for the first two hours.  The beginning of the trip was along Oregon State Highway 31 which is one of Ron’s favorite roads.  It goes from LaPine to Lakeview, and is really remote and very scenic in a stark way.

After Lakeview you enter California and have to pass thru the state agricultural inspection station. After our experience losing our apples crossing into Canada,  Ton was worried about losing our oranges so she had prepared by peeling the oranges and hiding them in the cabinet.  Ron was sworn to commit perjury and swear we only had apples and bananas on board. All of this was for nothing because when we arrived at the inspection station it was closed. 

We are parked up for the night in a casino campground in Reno.  We stop here most of the time when heading south.  We may be looking at alternatives after this stop as the area around the casino is deteriorating and the maintenance of the campground is neglected.

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