January 29, 2018 Reno NV

Ton had a restaurant on her bucket list that is near Reno.  So we began our day by heading towards Gardnerville to get a Basque meal at JT Basque Restaurant.  She had read about this place at a Basque Museum in Boise and she had been looking forward to the next time we passed thru Reno to give it a try.  We had the family style meal which included all you could eat soup, salad, beef stew, bread, beans and French Fries, and an entree and a small bottle of wine.  The food was superb and it only cost $25 per person.  Ton was really pleased and crossed JT’s off her bucket list with all of her expectations met. If you are in the Reno area JT’s is worth the 45 minute drive over to Gardnerville.

After JT’s we headed over to Virginia City.  It is one of the most famous boom towns from the gold rush era.  At one point it had a population of over 30,000 including Mark Twain who worked at the paper in town.  It is in the hills above Reno and has a great collection of mid to late 19th century buildings.  It was a nice way to spend the afternoon and we were impressed with the buildings and the setting.  We were tempted by a couple of the saloons in town, but were too stuffed from our lunch in Gardnerville to do it.  It is probably overrun with tourists in the summer, but was pleasantly quiet in January.

The Red Dog Saloon founded in the gold rush in the 1880’s.

Our last stop was the Costco in Sparks.  We were excited because the Sparks Costco had Diesel available and our experience on our Alaska trip was that Costco had by far the cheapest diesel in any town.  So after going out of our way and driving during rush hour to get there we were disappointed that the Costco fuel was actually higher than one of the major chain stations in town.  This is the first time Costco has let us down.

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