January 31, 2018 Valley of Fire SP

Our alarm was set for 4am so we could get up to witness the eclipse/Blue/Blood/Super moon.  The skies were clear, but it was really cold.  The temperatures had fallen more than we thought and it must of been around 20 degrees.  Ton stuck her head out of the truck and told me to call her when the moon turned Red.  I stuck around and watched the eclipse from the inside of the truck.  When the moon turned Red I told Ton and she reluctantly rolled out of bed to take a look.  After a few minutes she could not get a good picture and was very cold so she decided to get back under the blankets.  I followed her a few minutes later.  So while we witnessed the eclipse/Blue/Blood/Super moon we have no pictures to prove it, you will have to take our word for it.

Ton loves Joshua trees, we passed this one on the way to Valley of Fire.

After a little nap we got up and headed towards Las Vegas to Valley of Fire State Park.  It is about 70 miles from Las Vegas and is quite striking.  It has very Red Rocks throughout with many different shapes and forms.  As we were arriving we noticed about 100 RV’s parked on BLM land just short of the state park and Lake Mead National Recreation Area.  We assume camping is free there and we were tempted to park there for the night, but decided to opt for the State Park and pay the camping fee.  

Small arch in Valley of Fire.

After we settled in we went for a short walk near the campground to a site of some Indian petroglyphs.  They were quite impressive.  Our reward for ponying up for the campground came in seeing 5 big horn sheep a couple of hundred yards from Scout.  While we have been in lots of places with signs warning us to watch for big horns we had never actually seen one until today. 

Petroglyphs in Valley of Fire.
Big Horn sheep near our campground.

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