April 16, 2018 Rivieres FR

Today turned into a maintenance day.  We are at a campground in Rivieres and we did not move here.  After we were done visiting Albi yesterday we moved to this campground for the night, but to tell the truth when I wrote the blog last night we had no idea what town we were in.  When we woke up this morning we decided it would be a good day to take care of cleaning up and doing laundry.  By the time we were finished with the laundry we decided to stay another night. 

While we were doing the laundry Ton was reading about the local area and noted that this is one of the oldest wine producing areas in France.  The area is called Gaillac and the  original vineyards were planted during the Roman times, and for the Romans it was the major wine production area in Gaul (France more or less).

So when I extended us for another night I asked the owner of the campground to recommend a winery in the area.  She recommended Domaine Escausses.  So after a quick stop at Lidl (grocery store), and a stop to replace one of our propane bottles we headed up into the countryside to Domaine Escausses.  

The mustard is taller and a little further along than what we saw in Burgundy.

The setting for the winery is right out of a movie.  The views are spectacular, and the tasting room is small and quite nice.  We were met by the 7th generation winemaker who in addition to pouring wine for us was taking care of her children.  We had a great discussion about the unique varieties around Gaillac.  Her white wines were superb.  Her daughter is about 9 or 10 years old and is already in training to be the 8th generation winemaker.  She was kind enough to give us some ideas about places to visit going forward.  So even though it was a maintenance day we had time to enjoy another touch of France.

The winery and home of the family.

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