April 17, 2018 Carcassonne FR

We finally had to make a decision about what direction to go next.  As we have been heading south we have been having an ongoing discussion about whether to head east or head west when we hit the Mediterranean, I think we have finally decided to head east towards Provence.

Today we visited Carcassonne Castle in the city of Carcassonne.  The drive there was pretty quick and uneventful.  The castle is a world heritage site that has been around since medieval times.  It had fallen into disrepair and was rebuilt in the 1800’s.  The rebuild is not historically accurate, but if you picture a Castle, Carcassonne is pretty much going to be what you are thinking of.

An exterior shot of the castle.  

Even though it was early in the year it was pretty busy, the busiest place we have visited so far.  We had a nice walk around the grounds, but decided to pass on the 9 euro admission fee to see the interior.  The views are very impressive, and the size is quite large with the walls around the castle measuring almost 2 miles.  

We are not sure whose idea the yellow paint was or if it is in anyway authentic.

We called it a day a little early and headed back for a nice Thai-French fusion meal Ton whipped up, using some ingredients she had brought from home, but substituting egg noodles for rice, and adding in some French vegetables.  We finished up the night by sitting outside watching the sun set on the castle, and drinking some wine and eating some of our Cantal cheese.  By the way we cannot differentiate between the cheese with the flowers in the grass, and the cheese without, they are both delicious.

An interior shot of a bridge from the outer to the inner walls.  The roofs on the towers were added in the 1800’s.

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