April 22, 2018 St. Remy de Provence FR

We decided to shift a little south to another part of Provence.  The town of St. Remy de Provence was highly recommended to us, so here we are.

St. Remy turned out to be a very nice but touristy town.  But it did have an interesting walk themed around Van Gogh.  He spent a year here in a sanitarium trying to clear his head, and did some really nice painting.  The walk had you follow a road out of town to the sanitarium where he stayed and periodically showed you sites where Van Gogh had painted pictures.  It was quite fascinating and at several of the stops you could really see quite clearly the setting he used.

We think this is the setting for this picture.

At the end of the road was the sanitarium where he stayed, and it is still functioning as a sanitarium today having been founded around 1200 AD.  The room where Van Gogh stayed is on display, as are the gardens that inspired some of his paintings.  We really enjoyed ourselves and found the place fascinating.  

Van Gogh’s room in the sanitarium.

On the way back we stopped at the ruins of the Roman settlement of Glanum. We poked around a bit and saw the Arch of Triumph, but decided to pass on visiting the Roman ruins.

Part of the Roman Arc, the Arc itself is a slightly more worn version of the one in Orange yesterday.

As we passed thru town we decided that this one of the more upscale towns we had been in, and it reflected in the price of the restaurants.  So we decided to postpone our Provence meal, and headed back to François for a very late lunch, and a siesta.

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