April 23, 2018 Saintes Marie de la Mer FR

Today was about Flamingos.  After some muddling about in the morning and doing some laundry we were off to the Camargue which is a large delta where the Rhone River empties into the Mediterranean.  It is a famous bird sanctuary.

There is an ornithological park as you drive into the delta, and we decided to stop and take a look not knowing what to expect.  It turned out to be a great walk where we were surrounded by many different kinds of birds but the star attraction for the average Joe (or Pierre) were the flamingo’s.  There were hundreds of them on display.  Ton wore her battery out shooting pictures of them.

The bodies are slightly pink, but the wings are quite striking as this bird is showing.  These are Rose Flamingo’s native to Africa, and Europe.

It was a really nice walk and in addition to the flamingos there were a lot of Heron’s.  In fact the serious photographers with the long lenses were ignoring the flamingos and shooting the Herons.  There must of been something significant over there, but we did not figure it out.

All of the serious photographers were concentrated around this area, we are not sure what the attraction was.

After a couple of hours of exploring and pictures we headed down the road to the sea to visit the town of Saintes Maries de la Mer.  Driving in it did not make much of an impression on us.  But when we pulled into the aire we figured there must be something  to the town as there were easily 70 or 80 RV’s in the aire.  We took a walk and it was a seaside resort, not a particularly fancy one, but pleasant.  We decided that we would have dinner tonight to compare French seafood with Spanish.  Spanish won.

The Mediterranean is apparently warm even in April, as the water was full of kids playing.

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