April 25, 2018 Chateauneuf du Pape FR

The plan for today was to visit Roussillon which is another one of the most beautiful villages in France, but we also had to find a place to dump our tanks, add water, and we needed to get some propane.  Depending on when we had accomplished all of those things we would decide on the next step for the day.

We were up bright and early, so we headed over to Roussillon and were amongst the first arrivals of the day.  Roussillon is famous in France for it’s red earth.  It is another pretty village and very upscale, in fact Bradjelina (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie) had their French house here.  It was once again nice and worth a visit, but frankly the most interesting thing was watching a truck driver maneuver a large delivery truck down a street with literally inches to spare on each side while shop keepers were pulling in awnings, and moving flower pots out of the way.  French truck drivers really earn their living here on these narrow streets and roads.

The buildings in Roussillon all have this red tint to them from the surrounding earth.  

We have been trying to visit an olive oil factory for about a week and thought we had found one on the way out of Rousillon.  After Ron and the GPS had several arguements about the best way we finally arrived at an olive oil factory quite near to where we spent the night.  It was one of our disappointments of the trip.  The staff was not very helpful, and the promised tour did not exist, so after a short walk thru we were out to François and deciding on our next step.

During the drive we passed thru a nice canyon between Gordes and Orange.

Ron found a winery in the Chateauneuf du Pape area that was a French Passion site, and we decided to see if we could stay there.  French Passion sites are provided with our rental, and are wineries and farms throughout France that let you stay on their property for “free” if you are a member.  The catch is that you are highly encouraged to sample their product.  In the case of our stay tonight for roughly the cost of a normal campground we purchased two very nice bottles of wine, and got to enjoy a beautiful warm  evening on a very peaceful winery in Provence.  It is worth every penny.

Some of the vineyard at Chateau Cabrieres.  If you look carefully you will see the incredible amount of stones in the vineyards.  This apparently is what makes Chateauneuf du Pape wines famous.

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