April 26, 2018 Tournon-sur-Rhone FR

We are finally having to focus more on direction than interesting places.  We picked the destination of Tournon-sur-Rhone based on it being a good distance north towards Sens.

When we arrived in Tournon we were not initially impressed.  It was a nice enough town with a nice view of the Rhone River.   There were two river cruise boats docked near town.  We learned that Tournon had a sister city on the other side of the river called Hermitage.  They were connected by a  wooden pedestrian bridge.  

The wooden bridge across the Rhone between Tournon and Hermitage.

We found another aire for the night and headed into town.  We did a pass thru Tournon and it was pleasant, and then headed over to Hermitage as Ton wanted to get some pictures of the Rhone and the river cruise boats.  Once we reached Hermitage we saw they had a chocolate museum.  The chocolate museum was really awesome.  It is called Valrhona, and is attached to a factory by the same name.  We decided not to take the tour, but just went thru the attached store.  The store had all you could eat samples of all of their chocolates.  Ron probably ate about 5€ worth of samples, and Ton about 4€ worth.  The chocolate was excellent, and we were almost tempted to buy some but we were full from our free samples!

One of the river cruise ships pulling away from the dock in Hermitage.

On the way back we saw some vineyards on the Tournon side of the river that were really interesting looking.  They were on this incredible slope of about 15 degrees with old stone walls between parcels.  We decided to walk over to get a better view.  They were even more impressive up close.  It turns out that this is a  Grand Cru ( the highest quality wine in France) for Syrah, and is considered the spiritual birth place for Syrah.  So we are going to look for a bottle of the local stuff tomorrow to check it out.

The hills above Tournon which are supposed to be the spiritual home of the Syrah grape.

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