April 29, 2018 St. Julien de Sault FR

All things must end.  Last night there was a heck of a storm that woke us both up.  For the second time we had a thunderstorm in France with a pretty healthy dumping of rain, even possibly some hail.  We spent the morning packing up and cleaning François so that we can have a quick and easy turn around tomorrow before heading to Paris.

We left Merry around 11 am with about 80km’s to cover to the Aire we spent our first night in.  The GPS finally decided to cooperate and kept us on good 2 lane D roads, and even decided to by-pass a couple of towns rather than send us thru the middle of them.  As a result we made really good time getting to St. Julien.  

The wine has been fantastic in France so I thought we would include a picture of the plant that has added a lot of fun to the trip for us.

We needed to fill up the fuel, and after that we had some time to kill.  As it is Sunday nearly everything but restaurants are closed.  Across from the gas station was a McDonalds, and we thought why not?  This was the most high tech McDonalds I have ever seen.  You ordered your food at a 4 foot touch screen.  One interesting thing is that we had heard that we might run into trouble with our American credit cards here, and for the entire trip we had never had a problem paying with our credit cards until today at McDonalds. The giant screen rejected all three of our chip cards, so we had to take our little slip up to the one cashier on duty and pay for our 2 coffees and fries with cash!

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