April 30, 2018 Paris FR

After an early start where we returned François to France Motor Home Hire. We had a quick meeting with the owners there and have a preliminary plan to buy a European based vehicle from them, instead of shipping Scout to Europe.  We will post more as things develop along this line.

We arrived in the station at Sens, purchased our tickets and boarded an express for Paris within 10 minutes.  Our timing could not have been better.  After arriving at Gare deBercey station in Paris we took a taxi to our hotel in the Montmartre district of Paris.  When we arrived it was really miserable.  About 40 degrees, raining and really windy.  Our motivation to go out and explore Paris was pretty low, so instead we hit a grocery store and settled in to our room for a rest.  The weather is supposed to be better tomorrow, so Paris can wait.

The neighborhood near our hotel in Paris.

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