May 3, 2018 Paris FR

Today we planned to spend at the Louvre.  Of all of the places in Paris Ron wanted to spend some extra time there as he had never been.

It is an overwhelming place in many ways.  The building is huge, but the vast majority of people are there to see the two or three must see things, the Mona Lisa, David, and the Italian art.  Those things are clustered in one area of the museum, and that area is packed.  We did see all of those things, but the crowds were a little too much for Ron.  The other wings of the building are nearly empty and there is a lot of good art.

This is not the crowded part of the Louvre.

After about 4 hours we had enough and decided to get some lunch.  Ton was interested in getting some Moroccan food, and we found a good restaurant.  We had our most expensive meal in France, and the meal was good.  After lunch we decided to head back to Montmartre, and grab a couple of last minute things we wanted to take back to Oregon with us.  

I think we enjoyed walking around Montmartre nearly as much as we did the Louvre for the day.  We made a couple of trips to grocery stores in the area, as well as taking one last stroll (Ton would say climb) to the cathedral.  We had our final dinner at an African restaurant across from the hotel that Ton had her eye on since we checked in  The meal was excellent and the spices were really interesting.  Ton’s fish was delicious.

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