May 4, 2018 Paris FR

The flight home was uneventful but long.  The only hitch was that American Airlines couldn’t be bothered to transfer our bags to Alaska Airline in Chicago, and just threw them on their next flight to Portland.  Apparently this is a pretty common occurrence, because as soon as we said we were coming in from Chicago the Alaska agent new what had happened.  Fortunately the American flight was only about 30 minutes behind our Alaska flight.

We really enjoyed the trip to France, and are looking forward to the next trip to Europe. For the trip we covered about 2000 miles in 27 days, primarily in Burgundy and Provence.  Even though we did not venture that far, we still could have probably spent another two weeks just in those areas.  There is still a lot of France to see, and a whole lot of other countries.

François gave us no problems, and after this trip we are sold on using a European RV instead of shipping Scout.  We are now in the process of lining up a slightly used RV over there.

Ron and François enjoying the countryside.

From a cost point of view, operating costs per day (excluding rental costs) were actually lower in France than our last two trips in North America.  Fuel and camping costs per day were lower than we spent in Alaska and our western swing.  While fuel is nearly 21/2 times higher in France than here, things are much closer together.  We were also traveling during shoulder season so when we did stay in campgrounds they were generally cheaper than their counterparts here.  As we got used to things we started gravitating towards Aires, and they are much cheaper than campgrounds.  Food was higher in Europe, but not as much as we expected.  

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