August 10, 2018 San Jose CA

We had the alarm set for 6am, so we could meet our friends Pae and Supachai for happy hour.  The early drive was easy but like last year in British Columbia the smoke from the massive wild fires in California and Oregon reduced visibility to around a mile for the first 200 miles.  The fires in California this year are really bad, and the worst of the traditional fire season has not even begun.

We covered the first 340 miles in about 6 hours and we were looking forward to meeting our friends for a happy hour drink, but when we merged on to I-80 near Sacramento the freeway came to a complete halt and traffic was stopped as far as we could see.  Searching the radio we found out that there had been a serious accident about 3 hours prior and a California Highway Patrol Officer had been severely injured.  Only one lane of the freeway was open and the backup was 15 miles.  Not knowing how bad it would be we ended up gutting it out and it took 3 hours to cover the next 12 miles.  As we were driving it turns our the CHP officer and the person he had pulled over for a traffic violation were struck by another car at full speed and killed.  The snowball effect was now we were still about 70 miles from San Jose, but instead of being thru before rush hour we were in the middle of rush hour and those 70 miles took another 3 hours.  So the bottom line was today we covered 340 miles in 6 hours and 84 miles in 6 hours, for a total of an exhausting 12 hours.

We had a nice Japanese dinner that we just made with our friends and another couple, and Ron crashed into bed about 9pm.

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