August 11, 2018 San Jose CA

Today was much more relaxing than yesterday.  We started with a nice breakfast near our friends apartment.  On Saturdays they close the street in front of our friends apartment and have a giant Yoga session.  So while we were eating our high calorie breakfast we watched about 300 people doing a group yoga session.  

Feeling guilty, we decided to go and do some walking ourselves.  We started at the Santa Clara Mission.  It is one of a string of missions the Spanish used to control California when they colonized it.  The missions reach from San Diego to just north of San Francisco.  Everyone in California knows the stories of the missions as it is a main part of the curriculum for all students in 5th Grade.  Even if you move here from another state or country like we did, if you have children you get to know all you could want to know about missions.

Santa Clara mission.  The first mission in California named after a woman saint.

Santa Clara mission is probably the most well maintained of the missions as it is on the campus of Santa Clara University which is a Jesuit college.  This school is well endowed and the church building is obviously well loved.  We were going to go inside to take some pictures, but there was a mass going on.  We stood in the back for a few minutes and were wondering about how well attended the mass was on a Saturday, when we realized that they were consecrating about 10 new priests as Jesuits.  

The campus of Santa Clara University.

Later we did some walking around the neighborhood, and had a nice Vietnamese lunch in a giant Vietnamese shopping area in San Jose.  

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