August 16, 2018 Victorville CA

Today was a travel day.  We wanted to avoid Los Angeles so we decided to head east and go around LA.  So we headed east and across the central valley.  We are always impressed when we drive across the huge central valley.  We have a good time trying to identify all of the different crops and trees we pass by.  Truthfully we spend most of the time going that is a tree but not sure what kind of tree unless there are big orange things hanging on them, but we have fun nevertheless.

An “Okie” display in the central valley.

Today we stopped at Blackwells Corner Store.  It is famous as the last place James Dean was seen alive when he filled up his Porsche there on his way to a car race in Salinas.  He was later found a few miles down a back road having wrecked his car and killed himself and his passenger.  Ron commented that he never really got the obsession with James Dean, Ton said it was because I was never cool enough to get James Dean.

Ron was not cool enough to get James Dean!

As we headed into Victorville we realized we were surrounded by pretty large thunderstorms.  Ton checked the weather app and we learned that there were flash flood warnings for Victorville so it was a good time to park up for the night.

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