August 17, 2018 San Diego CA

Today we headed into San Diego to spend the weekend with our son Dylan who is working there for the Fish and Wildlife Service.  We had a slow start as we wanted to wait for traffic to die down before taking off.

Ton saw a Mexican Grocery next to the hotel so while Ron went to get some fuel for Scout she had a good time shopping for good cheap vegetables and a Mexican pastry for breakfast.  She was very impressed with the quality, variety and cost of the vegetables.

The drive into San Diego was thankfully uneventful and we arrived at the Navy RV park we will be staying at around 130pm.  Dylan was able to get off work a little early so we knocked off two of Ton’s items from the agenda.  The two breweries she wanted to visit in San Diego were fortunately only a couple of blocks apart so we were able to visit them both.  The first was Alesmith and we were quite impressed with both the facility and the beer.  The next stop was Mikkeller Brewery.  Mikkeler is an interesting operation as they are from Copenhagen Denmark.  They consider themselves gypsy brewers who work out of different breweries around the world.  The brewery in San Diego is the first brewery they have had that is their own.  The beer was interesting and the art in the brewery was very nice.  When it came down to voting on the best beer Dylan and Ron picked Alesmith and Ton declared a tie.

Dylan enjoying a taster at Ballast Point Brewing.

We ended the day with a nice meal at the campsite.

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