August 19, 2018 San Diego CA

Our final day with Dylan on this trip was the San Diego Zoo.  Dylan is a member of the zoo so we were able to tag along for free using his membership.  The San Diego Zoo is world famous and rightfully so.  We spent 5 hours going from exhibit to exhibit.  We hit all of the big animals and really enjoyed ourselves.

Impressive big cat at the San Diego Zoo.
The San Diego Zoo specializes in taking care of elderly elephants.  This one is over 40 years old.

Our other priority for the day was to find a fan.  Our roof fan has decided to stop working and probably needs a new rain sensor, as it seems convinced it is raining and will not open.  After the zoo we went to Costco and Ikea and they were both out of fans as it has been unusually warm here.  Finally we found a fan at Target.

Dinner was another great meal at a seafood market and restaurant.  It is an old part of town, but the food was really outstanding and the line to get in never ended while we were there.  San Diego has really been a good food experience on this trip from the unexpected Thai Hamburger to the great sea food.  It was good to see Dylan and we really enjoyed ourselves here.

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