August 20, 2018 Las Vegas NV

When we were doing the planning to see both of our sons we new that it would be hot in Las Vegas but our experience was that it cooled down at night to a point where it was comfortable.  The night before we left Dylan looked up the weather for Las Vegas and said it was quite hot, the high was supposed to be 106 degrees.  

Driving over we stopped at a rest area about 50 miles outside of Las Vegas.  The thermometer on the dash said 111 degrees, and as we stepped out of the truck we were hit with a wind of about 20 miles per hour that felt like a blast furnace.  As we pulled out of the rest area Ron asked Ton what she thought a room would cost in Vegas.  Without hesitating Ton began the research.  It turns out rooms were cheap, The Rio was offering a rate of $30 plus a $34 dollar resort fee.  We both decided that was cheap enough to not bother stress testing the A/C unit on Scout as the overnight low was supposed to be 92 degrees.  The deal got even better when we checked in as Ron asked if they had a military discount and that got us down to $15 plus the resort fees.

Elvis and a show girl.  After all it is Las Vegas.

Alex had to work late as this is the first full week of school in Las Vegas so we decided to eat in the room.  Ton whipped up some food in Scout and we carried it up to the room for dinner.  We spent the evening talking about teaching and particularly teaching in Las Vegas which is infamous for having a low priority for schools.  Alex earns every penny of his salary.

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