August 22-23, 2018 Long Drive NV/OR

There is not much to write about these two days.  We did our best imitation of long distance truckers covering about 970 miles in two days.  We did our normal route from Vegas to Reno and saw a few of the vehicles heading towards Burning Man in northern Nevada.

The next day we covered the ground home mostly on the east side of the Sierra Nevada/Cascade mountains.  The smoke from the multiple wildfires was very dense in places and reminded of our drive last year going to Alaska.  At one point we passed within about a mile of a 38,000 acre wildfire in Northern California and could actually see some flames on the hillside as well as a couple of fire trucks attacking the fire.

This is the end of the trip that we dubbed “Urban Camping”.  This time we used scout primarily as a substitute for a hotel room (except in Las Vegas).  While we did not see our normal sites we did get to visit with our Son’s and some best friends, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

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