August 9, 2018 Canyonville OR

It has been awhile since our last trip.  We spent most of June and July working on getting the house ready for our travels and getting the paperwork done on purchasing François for our future trips to Europe.  Needing a break we decided on a short trip to see some friends in San Jose and to visit our two sons.

Today we left late as we waited for the mail to arrive with Ron’s birth certificate.  It turns out we need to provide a copy of his birth certificate as US passports do not show what town you were born in and that is very important in France.  We will see if the birth certificate will do the trick, the problem is that it is hand written and whoever wrote it did not have very good handwriting.  We will see if it is acceptable to the administrator in France.

By the time we got on the road it was nearing evening rush hour so we did not cover as much ground as we hoped.  Around 7pm we decided to camp up in a nice campground next to a casino.  The lady informed us we would get a 10% discount if we purchased a player’s club card so we were off to the casino to get a card.  With the card we got a free spin of the wheel and Ron won a $10 discount on food, so we ate some bad casino food.

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