October 1, 2018 St. Laurent Medoc FR

We spent the day exploring the wine region on the west side of the Gironde River.  This area has some of the most expensive wines in the world.  To get there we had two choices, a 100km drive around the Gironde and thru Bordeaux, for the time and gas, or a 20 minute Ferry Ride that would put us right in the middle of the wine area we were aiming towards, for cash money.  We opted for the ferry ride because Ron is a sucker for ferries, and does not like driving thru big cities.

François in the hold of the ferry.
François posing in front of a windmill and grape vines.

We really wanted to see the town called Margaux which is the center of the Premier Cru wines.  As we were driving there, harvest was in full swing everywhere.  This limited our opportunity to visit wineries as the smaller wineries that we tend to visit were closed due to the harvest.  When we got to Margaux the town itself did not make much of an impression, besides having a couple of larger than normal homes it could have been any small French village.  

Surprisingly to us they harvest a great deal of the grapes in Bordeaux with machines.

We decided to get out to take a quick walk thru town, and were about to head back to François when we saw a winery that was open, in France we have learned that an open sign does not always mean they are open.  We were poking around the outside trying to decide when a lady stuck her head out of the door and informed us they were open.  We went in with her and found ourselves in the poshest place we have been to in quite a while.  She offered us a tour of the winery for €50 each.  We decided to splurge for a glass of wine and some desert instead.  While we were savoring our small moment of poshness, another American couple came in and joined us.  We had a nice conversation with them before heading out. The wine was really good.

Ron enjoying a good wine, and trying to look like he belongs in such a nice place.

On our way out of town we saw the signs for Chateau Margaux whose wines retail for over $1200 per bottle and decided to do a drive by.  On arrival we saw that their parking lot was pretty full so we turned into the winery, but were stopped by a security guard and told to turn around.  We clearly are not Chateau Margaux customers!

Chateau Margaux where we were not welcome. 

We spent the rest of the afternoon driving around looking at the Chateaus, and the harvest process before parking up for the night in a little village in the center of the wine country.  The village of St. Laurent Medoc is not nearly as posh as Margaux so we fit in.

Another harvest shot at a small winery.

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