October 2, 2018 Bordeaux FR

Everyone we talked to over the last few days told us we had to go to Bordeaux.  Ron was a little intimidated with the idea of driving into a big city, and there are no official aires or campgrounds in the city.  After some research our Dutch Parking App listed a parking lot next to a soccer stadium and municipal pool that had good access to the city by bus. 

One of the new trams in Bordeaux, there is a lot of work going on to expand the tram lines.

To everyone who told us not to miss Bordeaux thank you we both enjoyed it very much.  It is a medium sized city with a very well developed transit system that was easy to use.  The waterfront promenade goes on for a couple of kilometers and is wide and pleasant to walk. The promenade has cafes on one side, and river cruise ships, and one very expensive yacht on the other.

These Buildings fronted the river.  Bordeaux is one of the larger ports in France.

We visited the World of Wine Museum which is a little pricey, but a very modern multi-media museum, and the entrance did come with a taste of one wine from their world selection.  The different multimedia displays included something to taste touch, and many different ways of visually presenting information about wine.  It was interesting to see how curators are trying to integrate all of the audio visual stuff that is available now.  We also got a small taste of French humor in some of the presentations which was fun.

A display on Egyptian Wine.
Most museum stores have books and t-shirts for sale, this one has wine.  My kind of museum store.

After cutting ourselves off after over three hours in the museum we headed down town to look at some of the buildings in town.  The city center is quite nice, and looks like it was not terribly damaged during WWII despite being a major base for German U-Boats.  With a city as tuned into wine as Bordeaux is the cafe scene is quite extensive, and a lot of people were enjoying an afternoon drink, so we decided to join them for a beer.  We had a couple of French microbrews and they were quite satisfactory.

We really enjoyed our day in Bordeaux.

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