October 3, 2018 Orio SP

After 16 days in France we finally reached Spain.  We could have spent the entire trip in France, and enjoyed ourselves, but this trip was supposed to be about Spain.  So we finally decided to head south. 

Tree lined road found frequently in France, the leaves are starting to turn.

Except for one pit stop to put in just enough fuel to make it safely to Spain, we powered thru about 280km’s of driving.  We only put in enough fuel to make it to Spain because France is now the holder of the record for the most expensive fuel in the EU.  We have been paying €1.45 per liter, that is around $6.80 per gallon give or take.  The first fuel station we saw in Spain had diesel at €1.15 per liter so we had a little celebration.

We had planned a photo op at the border between France and Spain, but it did not happen.  The border was invisible, we did not know we had crossed into Spain until Ron noticed the road signs were suddenly in Spanish, and Basque.  There was not even a sign welcoming us to Spain.

Ron sitting down at the kitchen table/drivers seat.

We had a nice drive down the coast to a small fishing village called Orio.  We are parked a couple hundred yards from a very nice beach, surrounded by very tall hills on both sides.  In fact guys parajump from the hills above the beach and circle around for 10 or 15 minutes before landing next to the RV park.

Parachutist coming in for a landing next to the beach.

In the evening we walked into the town proper, and kept looking for the old town, all we saw were modern condo’s and wide new streets.  This area has been having a second home boom in the last decade or so, and the construction is very modern, quite different than France.  After wandering down to the old fishing port we finally caught a glimpse of the old town, but it is tiny compared to the modern town.

The fishing fleet at Orio.

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