October 4, 2018 Orio SP

Plans change, sometimes by accident.  We had planned to go to the nearby city of San Sebastian to do some sight seeing.  Before we left we thought we could knock out a load of clothes.  Well that did not work out the way we thought it would.  The washer we used was the slowest washer we have run into in 3 continents, with nothing going wrong it took over an hour and half to complete it’s cycle.  Then we put the clothes in the only dryer, and inserted our coin expecting it to tell us it would take 40 or 50 minutes to dry the clothes,  it said 120 minutes, we thought how nice of them as no dryer could take 2 hours to dry a medium sized load of clothes, we were very wrong.  It ran the full 2 hours, and then we hung the clothes out to finish drying.  By the time the clothes washing was done it was too late to go to San Sebastian so we just relaxed for the rest of the day.   It was a little frustrating, but at the end of the day we probably needed the rest, as we have been on the move constantly for 18 days.  

In the early evening we walked into town to get some groceries (i.e. wine).  It was a nice evening and we noticed that most of the town was out moving around, groups of children, adults, old men, and old women in groups conversing and enjoying themselves.  It was the same last night, and is a nice cultural difference that we envied a little.

This guy was out the last two nights with these two bulls pulling a sled, not sure what the significance of the red mask is.

We came back to a nice conversation with our English neighbors.  Ton made dinner and we drank some of our groceries before settling in to watch some Netflix Ron downloaded today in between washing and drying.

Yesterday was the fishing fleet of Orio, today it is the pleasure fleet.

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