September 19, 2018 Sens FR

Today we picked up François the motorhome at France Motorhome Hire.  Sally and Simon did a great job walking us thru the paperwork and showing us around the motorhome.  It was a pretty easy to learn how to operate as we bought the same motorhome that we had rented in the spring. 

When we bought the motorhome we did add three things; one is an inverter so we can have access to the power points when we are not plugged in, we also added a solar panel and a second battery to give us the power to stay off the grid for a few days if necessary.  In addition we added a safe for obvious reasons.  The last thing we added was a propane system that allows us to fill the tanks at LPG gas pumps in gas stations. This should allow us to avoid the issue of incompatible bottles and regulators from country to country in Europe.  

Our first stop after unpacking was to head over to fill the LP system.  Ron was a little worried as Propane dispensing in the US is not something that is done self-service, but when all was said and done it went pretty smoothly.  Since the gas filling station was next to a grocery we made our first stop for groceries.  After that we headed to the Aire (For those of you who did not follow us on our rental adventure in France an Aire is an overnight spot for RV parking that is not a campground, usually a parking lot designated for overnight stays, very common in France.)  The Aire here is quite nice as it used to be the municipal campground.  It is conveniently located next to a Lidl grocery, and is walking distance to downtown.

Our new to us RV François in the Aire at Sens.

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