September 23, 2018 Chinon FR

We woke up to another blustery day. The weather forecast called for rain most of the day and they were right.  We are trying to get back into the rythym of France, and we forgot that Sundays are really a day of rest.  

Our plans were to drive to two towns to visit wineries and walk around the towns. Most of the drive today was on a road which is on top of a levee for the Loire River, it was quite pretty, and would have been even better if it was not raining most of the way.

This was about the only blue sky we saw today.

The first town we stopped at was Bourgueil.  It seemed like a nice enough town and there were a bunch of wineries that looked interesting but everything was closed up.  We took a quick stroll thru town and then it started to rain so we headed back to François.

The Abby in Bourgueil.  Built around 1150.

We had decided to treat ourselves to a proper campground with showers and indoor plumbing so we are parked in the municipal campground looking at the Fort of Chinon.  When we arrived it was raining quite hard so Ton made a nice lunch, and prepared dinner while Ron lounged around in bed until the rain stopped.  

The Fort of Chinon, with the town below it behind the trees.

The castle at Chinon is another medieval fort that is partly in ruins but dominates the area.  It is quite a climb to the top so we decided to take a look at it from the bottom of the hill, and head to a winery that google said was open.  We had a walk thru the town which also has some examples of half timbered homes which are common in the area.  It was a nice walk and it did not rain which was a good thing because the winery was not open.  Finally learning that Sunday is indeed a day of rest (despite what google might think) we headed back to François had dinner, a long hot shower, and listened to the rain on the roof.

The French often refer to the retail part of a winery as the Cave, it is the French equivalent of cellar.  In this case it really is a cave.

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