August 21, 2018 Valencia SP

After a night of sleeping in howling winds and a couple of showers we began to feel for the first time that time was against us.  Since the weather was supposed to be similar to yesterday we decided to spend the day driving.  We want to visit Valencia and Barcelona before we leave Spain so we decided to make the leap to Valencia.  Today we covered nearly 450 km’s which is the longest drive we have ever taken in Europe.

Even though we were on the equivalent of an interstate, there were interesting forts periodically along the way.

The roads were good so we made the drive in a little over 5 hours.  Since it was Sunday we did not have many options for going out, so we just hunkered down.  While taking an evening walk we ran into another British guy who was full timing.  We had a nice talk with him, and received some tips for the next trip.

When we left it felt like we had more than enough time to see all of Spain.  Now we are in the position of having to make hard choices about what to see and we feel like we are  missing out on some good places.

Valencia is famous for it’s Oranges, and we passed miles of orange trees along the way.

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